NURS 460: Nursing Management & Leadership

Trish Strom is an Assistant Professor of Practice in North Dakota State University’s School of Nursing. She focuses on the skills needed in the field of nursing that can’t be learned from a textbook. Trish helps prepare future nurses and teaches them about leadership, management, professional development, and inter-professional development.

Trish has spent over 32 years as a nurse working in pediatric hospitals; helping newborns and young children. Most recently, she was a manager of a 33 bed neonatal intensive care unit. Her role has changed over the years, but she has never stopped learning or teaching.

Now as an instructor at NDSU, Trish is able pass on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of nurses. In this video, Trish instructs her senior nursing students on skills they’ll need to have for their upcoming careers. One of the most important skills that Trish emphasizes is how to handle failure as a nurse. Failure is often seen as a detriment, but it should be seen as learning experience and an opportunity to grow and do better the next time. Check out the video to see how they learn.

Trish loves to teach and work with young students. After many years of helping patients, families, and students, there is still one dream of hers that she wishes would still come true:

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