NDSU nursing students create community public health project in Mini Scrub Camp for fourth graders

Photo of NDSU Nursing students teaching fourth graders in a Mini Scrub Camp

Students in NDSU School of Nursing found a way to celebrate public health and the land grant mission of North Dakota State University through community outreach.

As part of a population community health project, students in the class of Dr. Nancy Turrubiates helped create and implement a Mini Modified Scrub Camp for fourth graders at Waubun, Minnesota Schools in March.

Nursing students introduced the fourth graders to the field of nursing and engaged them in learning about healthcare. The Waubun students had the opportunity to participate in different activities including:

  • Interactive lessons on how to use a stethoscope and listen to heart and lung sounds
  • How to properly take a manual pulse and count beats per minute
  • How to measure height and weight
  • Watching nursing students demonstrate IV insertions and simple wound care dressing changes using manikins

“This was a great opportunity for our students to learn about healthcare and develop an interest in the nursing profession!” said Taylor Winter, RN, BSN, PHN and Waubun Schools Health Office Nurse.

Photo of NDSU Nursing students teaching mini scrub camp to fourth graders

During the planning phase of the community outreach project, NDSU nursing students wanted to create an engaging activity to benefit all participants.

“We decided on a public health intervention of health teaching,” said NDSU nursing student Madison Klosterman. “This form of education plays a vital role in the community by engaging children in healthcare, dismissing any misconceptions, and creating a positive framework of health. A project such as this creates a long-lasting impression on health and health perception,” said Klosterman.

Nursing student Ivy Ngo said the children’s reactions were the most memorable part of the camp.

“The highlight of the event was seeing the children’s amazement when they found and felt their pulses for the first time. Every one of them became more excited to feel their pulses increase after each physical activity and they even took the initiative to help their peers if they had trouble finding it,” said Ngo.

Photo of NDSU nursing students providing mini scrub camp to fourth graders

Both Klosterman and Ngo said the community outreach project provided them insights to carry into their nursing careers.

“In my future nursing practice, I intend to integrate the principles of education and health promotion across all areas of nursing that I engage in. I believe that education can be taught at all levels of nursing, in any setting, and can be a powerful tool for promoting health and preventing illness,” explained Klosterman.

Ngo acknowledged that the experience will have a long-lasting impact on her approach to nursing.

“Some aspects of public health nursing that I will continuously carry throughout my nursing practice would be providing proper communication to patients/community members and having to critically think on-the-spot, depending on the situation that presents,” said Ngo.

Their instructor, Dr. Nancy Turrubiates, shares her passion for public health nursing with the students she assists on their path to future careers. As a doctor of nursing practice and lecturer/public health clinical coordinator in the NDSU School of Nursing, she brings extensive experience in helping students forge community healthcare experiences. As Major Nancy Turrubiates, U.S. Army, she also serves as Commander/Officer in Charge for the 7410 Troop Medical Clinic, bringing additional perspective to students about the many career paths available in nursing.

With sites in Fargo and Bismarck, the NDSU School of Nursing prepares the future nursing workforce to provide exemplary patient care.

NDSU Nursing provides accredited programs to part- and full-time students, working professionals, and students seeking online educational opportunities. The School of Nursing also is a ROTC Center of Nursing Excellence.

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