Updated: Jan 9, 2014




Official Rules Clarifications are made to clarify or correct the rules printed in the manuals. These Official Rules Clarifications apply to all states and all tournaments and originate at the national level. Click here to Submit a Question or view FAQs.

Anatomy & Physiology: B & C are the same for both divisions in 2015

Compound and Simple Machines B & C: For the device described in 2.b. and 3.a-d., sliding hooks will be allowed only for attaching the masses provided by the Supervisor in 2.e. They will not be considered a violation of the competitor brought un-fixed masses for 3.e unless they are used for calibration. (3/9/15)

Dynamic Planet B & C: 4.e. should read "Calculate the buoyancy of a given watercraft in water samples of varying density." (12/29/14)

Mission Possible: 3.g. should read "Electrical components may be used in the device, but no computers or integrated circuits are allowed except an unmodified commercially sold buzzer may be used in the final task. (3/3/15)

Mission Possible: 4. A jug is defined as any plastic beverage container that has sides that are at least 10cm high. There is no requirement that the jug/container has or had a handle on it. (3/3/15)

Picture This: A TEAM OF: 3. should read A TEAM OF UP TO: 3. (10/29/14)

Technical Problem Solving: 3. For 2015 there are TWO stations but only ONE topic and delete 3.c. as it contradicts 3.b. (9/29/14)

Science Olympiad Policy for Significant Figures (12/5/12)


  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: For the "Forestry" event, the North Dakota List of Common Trees & Shrubs is considered a commercially published resource. (Posted 12/17/12).

  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: For the "Forestry" event, the official list of trees and shrubs to know is the North Dakota List of Common Trees & Shrubs, available at www.ag.ndsu.nodak.edu/aginfo/trees/handbook/ndhand-1.htm#common. Because of the low diversity of trees in our state (compared to other states), we are also including shrubs into the expected knowledge. (Posted 2/04/04). This is the tree list for 2013 & 2014.

  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: For "Feathered Frenzy," the official list of birds to know is the Science Olympiad bird checklist. This list is available here. (Posted 10/28/02).

  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: At the State Science Olympiad, we will not be including trial events into the total team scores. This ruling has been made upon advice from the national office. (The national event likewise does not include trial events into total team scores). (Posted 10/28/02).

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