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Official Rules Clarifications are made to clarify or correct the rules printed in the manuals. These Official Rules Clarifications apply to all states and all tournaments and originate at the national level. Click here to Submit a Question or view FAQs.

Air Trajectory B & C: 4.e. (4th sentence) should read "The far target may be anywhere up to 2.00 m (in intervals of 0.5 m for Regionals, 0.25 m for States, and 0.10 m for Nationals) to the right or left of the imaginary centerline." (9/16/15)

Bottle Rocket: 2. should read "Event Supervisors must provide one egg for each rocket, the launcher and water." (9/25/15)

Electric Vehicle: 2.k. add third sentence "Vehicles may reverse travel direction during the run." (10/13/15)

Fossils B & C: The correct spelling for Sarcoptergii is Sarcopterygii (9/11/15), also corrected were Calymene and Ichthyosauria (10/10/15) (all 3 now corrected in green on the Official Fossil List on www.soinc.org)

Hydrogeology: 2.b. should read "Students may bring a calculator, writing utensils, a protractor and each team may bring one 8.5"x11" sheet of paper that may contain information on both sides in any form from any source." (11/19/15)

Mission Possible B: 4.d.iii. first sentence should read "Inclined Planes must be stationary and have an object pushed or pulled at least 10cm up and along the surface of the inclined plane to count for points." (10/13/15)

Robot Arm: 7.f. should read "The maximum number of points possible is 110." (9/11/15) and 6.g.iv. The competitors impart energy directly into the arm, base, Goal Cartons, dice, or Scoreable Items. (11/11/15)

Science Olympiad Policy for Significant Figures (12/5/12)


  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: Bridge Building
    1. The Test Support will be 2x5x5 cm placed on its side as stated in rule 4.b.
    2. Test Support may be placed anywhere in the Bearing Zone. The Bridge MUST rest on the Test Support on that respective side of the span as stated in rule 3.a.
    3. The Bridge shall NEVER contact the Clear Span Area. This is noted in rule 6.c.iv. "…for any reason (e.g., cannot cross clear span,…". And rule 5.b.viii "…any part of the bridge touching the test base outside of the Bearing Zone (4.a.iv),…"
    4. Rule 5.b.iv shall be enforced with approximately 2 - 3 cm of leeway.
    5. Rule 3.h shall be satisfied with 2 - 3 questions. The topics could be design, material, or rules for the Bridge.
    6. See the following PDF exhibits for detailed Plan and Profile views of the layout. Div B Div C

  • North Dakota Rules Clarification: At the State Science Olympiad, we will not be including trial events into the total team scores. This ruling has been made upon advice from the national office. (The national event likewise does not include trial events into total team scores). (Posted 10/28/02).

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