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The Optimist: Interview with author Lynne Taggart on Conflict & Connection


Office of Equity, Diversity & Global Outreach

If you are being harassed because of your gender, culture, age, or other reasons, or if you are experiencing sexual harrassment or assault, please contact the Office of Equity, Diversity & Global Outreach directly:    or Phone: 701-231-7708

Office of Human Resources

If you are a staff person and are in need of advice, information on policies and procedures, or are experiening conflict, please contact the Office of Human Resources:    or Phone: (701) 231-8961

Dean of Student Life

If you are a student who is experiencing difficulty, conflict, harassment, retaliation, bullying, or feel you are in any physical or emotional danger, contact the Dean of Student Life:        or Telephone: 701.231.6560

 NDSU Policies & Procedures         


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