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Student Account Collections

The Customer Account Services department will start actively attempting to collect payment from students when their account becomes sixty days past due. Delinquent students will be sent a series of communications requesting prompt payment and informing the student that the account may be referred to a collection agency. It is the goal of the Customer Account Services department to assist students in resolving this outstanding obligation in the most efficient means possible so that they may successfully fulfill their future academic endeavors.

Options BEFORE Collection Agency Referral:

  1. Payment in Full - Payment may be made via a variety of methods including cash, check (both paper and electronic) and credit card. Detailed information regarding how to make payment may be found here:

  2. Apply for a Private Loan - Loan options are available on past due balances. A cosigner will be required to apply. Additional information regarding private loans, including the FastChoice loan application tool, may be found here:

  3. Enroll in a Payment Plan – Former students with a past due balance greater than $500 may enroll in a payment plan to avoid additional late payment fees and/or a collection agency referral. This payment plan is not intended for students that are planning to re-enroll in the near future (e.g. balance owed for fall semester and planning to attend in the spring). Enrollment is required shortly after the conclusion of the semester and the full balance must be paid within twelve months of the original due date. This payment plan is not a loan, does not guarantee future semester registration, and will not facilitate the release of transcripts or diplomas. To enroll in the payment plan, complete and submit a Past Due Balance Payment Plan Terms form. (form requires NDUS login credentials)

Payment Plan Formula:

Balance Owed ÷ 9 Months = Estimated Monthly Installment 

  • Fall semester balances enrolled before February 15th
  • Spring semester balances enrolled before June 1st
  • Summer semester balances enrolled before November 1st 

Balance Owed ÷ 6 Months = Estimated Monthly Installment

  • Fall semester balances enrolled before April 15th
  • Spring semester balances enrolled before September 1st
  • Summer semester balances enrolled before February 1st

Payment Plan Terms:

  • This monthly installment plan is for past due students that have discontinued their studies at NDSU wish to avoid their account being referred to a collection agency.

  • This agreement will not result in the immediate release of transcripts or diplomas.  The account must be paid in full before either may be delivered to the student.

  • This agreement does not guarantee future semester enrollment.

  • Only students are permitted to enroll in the payment plan.  Parents may not enroll on the student’s behalf.

  • Students that enroll within four months of delinquency will be enrolled in the nine-month payment plan.  Students that enroll within six months of delinquency will be enrolled in the six-month payment plan.  No payment plan will result in an account being paid in full more than twelve months after the original date of delinquency.

  • Installment amounts may be viewed within Campus Connection.

  • Monthly installments are due on the 15th of each month.

  • No reminders will be sent to the student or any other payors associated with the student account.

  • Students that miss more than three payments within the payment plan period may be cancelled from the plan.

  • No late fees will be assessed on student accounts where the monthly installments are paid by the due date.  Late fees may be assessed on late installments.

  • Additional charges incurred (e.g. library fines, parking citations) while enrolled on the payment plan will be added to future installments.

  • Financial aid received at a later date will reduce the amount of future monthly installments due.

  • Returned checks and/or cancelled payments will result in a $25 Returned Items Fee.  Multiple instances may result in the immediate cancellation of the payment plan.

  • Upon plan cancellation, no student will be granted a new payment plan.  Payment in full will be immediately expected.

  • The student understands that the past due balance owed to the University is not a loan. 

AFTER Collection Agency Referral:

Students that do not resolve their outstanding balance owed at NDSU by exercising one of the options listed above will be referred to a collection agency approximately 9-12 months after delinquency. This referral may impact the student’s credit rating. All payments made after referral must be directed to the collection agency. Collection agency contact information may be found in the Holds section of the Student Center tab in Campus Connection. Official transcripts and diplomas will be held for a minimum of fourteen days after payment in full is received.

In the event that a student wishes to return to NDSU after paying the outstanding balance to the collection agency, they will be required to:

  1. Pay up front the estimated cost of the upcoming semester in full or provide proof of pending financial aid funds, and
  2. Sign an electronic contract.

Contact Customer Account Services at (701) 231-8782 or regarding the required down payment amount and future semester payment terms.

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