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Determining Tuition Charges per Term


To estimate your tuition costs you will need to consider each of the factors described below.

What is your primary residence located?

You state/province/country of residence is one of the primary factors in determining your assigned tuition rate. Please note that specific eligibility criteria apply and that it is important that students monitor their residency and corresponding tuition rates in Campus Connection. Visit with the Office of Registration and Records for more information about residency as well as residency changes.

Will you register for undergraduate or graduate credits?

Undergraduate credits and graduate credits are assessed at different tuition rates.  Students taking classes in both careers may be charged separately for each.

How many credits?

Undergraduate students taking 12 or less credits per semester are assessed tuition at the part-time, per-credit tuition rate. Undergraduate students taking 13 or more credits per semester are charged the flat, full-time rate which is commonly referred to as the "tuition cap".  Graduate students are charged a per-credit rate, regardless of the number of credits. There is no tuition cap for most majors, with Architecture being the sole exception.  Cooperative Education and Teaching Learning Academy credits are not included in the capped rate.

Is your academic program assigned a differential tuition rate?

Each of the following academic programs are assessed a Differential Tuition Rate. The differential tuition rate replaces the base rate and starts at the point in time that the student is accepted in to the program. Engineering students, for example, are accepted in to their programs as Freshmen.  Students who have declared multiple majors are billed at a single tuition rate corresponding with the highest programmatic rate of the student.

  • Engineering
  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • College of Business Majors and Minors (including certificates)
  • Public Health - Masters or Certificate

Note: In addition to tuition, all students are charged mandatory student fees. Some may also be charged course fees, depending on the classes selected.  For further details regarding billing protocols, please go to the Undergraduate or Graduate tuition rate pages.  

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