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Graduate Tuition - Fall 2021, Spring & Summer 2022


Tuition and Fee charges are assessed each semester and are directly correlated to the student's registration activity in Campus Connection.

Per-Credit Graduate Tuition Rates

Rates shown are per credit.

North Dakota Resident, WRGP** Minnesota Resident* U.S. Non-Resident, MSEP International Internships*** and TLA (per credit, not capped)# Online Masters Programs and Graduate Certificates****
Base Tuition $405.18 $514.58 $607.77 $709.07 $405.18 $405.18
Architecture1 $539.05 $684.59 $808.57 $943.33 $539.05 N/A
Business2 $614.35 $780.22 $921.52 $1,075.11 $614.35 $614.35
Engineering3 $445.89 $566.28 $668.83 $780.31 $445.89 $445.89
Nursing $482.76 $613.10 $724.14 $844.83 $482.76 N/A
Public Health $843.65 $1,071.43 $1,265.47 $1,476.38 $843.65 $843.65

Capped Graduate Tuition Rates

13 or more credits

North Dakota Resident Minnesota Resident* U.S. Non-Resident, MSEP International
Architecture1 $6,549.00 $8,317.50 $9,823.50 $11,461.00

Mandatory Student Fees

Fall/Spring Summer
1-11 Credits $60.42/credit $55.06/credit
12+ Credits $1449.60* $660.72

*Combined Fall and Spring Student Fees Cap

Graduate Tuition Rate Chart Key, Billing Methods and Other Considerations


Differential Tuition

Select majors, typically based on the assigned College, are charged a higher tuition rate referred to as “differential tuition”.  Students not assigned differential tuition are charged the base tuition rate.  The assignment of the differential tuition rate is based on the student’s declared major – it is not based on individual class selection. 

1. Architecture differential tuition is assessed on all credits of students admitted to the Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs. Specific to this discipline only, students with both undergraduate and graduate credits in a given semester will have their tuition capped at the graduate tuition rate. 

2. Business differential tuition is assessed on all credits of students admitted to an academic program overseen by the College of Business.  Examples of business majors include: Agribusiness, Master of Business Administration (and related certificate programs), Master of Accountancy, Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), Master of Transportation & Urban Systems, and Master of Supply Chain Management (formerly Master of Managerial Logistics). Differential tuition is not charged to the students participating in the Transportation & Logistics PhD program.

3. Engineering differential tuition is assessed on all credits of students admitted to an academic program overseen by the College of Engineering.  Examples of engineering majors include:  Agriculture & Bio Systems, Civil, Computer, Construction Engineering/Management, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, and Mechanical/Manufacturing as well as Computer Science.

4. Nursing differential tuition is charged to all students accepted in to the program. 

5. Public Health differential tuition is charged to all students accepted in to the program. 

The differential tuition rate replaces the base rate and starts at the point in time that the student is accepted in to the program. Students who have declared multiple majors are billed at a single tuition rate corresponding with the highest programmatic rate of the student. If a student should elect to leave a major with differential tuition, the major change form must be submitted and processed prior to the week four census date.  Changes completed after the four-week census will not be effective until the following term. 

Residency and Reciprocity

A primary component of a student’s tuition charges is their assigned residency.  Some students may receive a discounted rate as the result of a tuition agreement between higher education institutions and systems. 

*All Minnesota rates are per the ND-MN Reciprocity Agreement. Minnesota residents who have not been approved by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to receive the lower reciprocity rate will be charged the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) tuition rate.

MSEP States:  Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota*, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin  

*(MN students not approved for the MN Reciprocity Rate)

**Residents of Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) states are billed at the ND resident tuition rate.

WRGP States/Territories:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, and the Federal States of Micronesia.


# The internship rate depicted above pertains to field experiences, cooperative education programs and internships facilitated by NDSU’s Career Center.  It does not apply to independent programs. 

Tuition Cap

***Online Masters and Graduate Certificates, internships, and credits offered through the School of Education at participating K-12 schools (Teacher Leadership Academy) are not included in the tuition cap.

Tuition is capped at thirteen credits for graduate Architecture students (NDSU tuition charges only). 

Credits Outside of Declared Major

Tuition is billed based on the student’s declared major.  This assigned tuition rate applies to all credits, regardless of the subject matter.  No discount is provided for differential tuition on classes not administered by the student’s assigned College.

Multiple Majors

Students with multiple declared majors in the same billing career (e.g. graduate) will be billed at a single tuition rate.  This tuition rate will be charged on all credits; tuition is not charged by class.  If one of the declared majors is within a college approved to charge differential tuition, the differential rate will be charged.  In instances where both declared majors are within colleges assigned differential tuition, the greater of the two will be charged.  

Multiple Careers

Students enrolled in multiple careers (e.g. both undergraduate and graduate) may be billed separately for each and the tuition cap does not apply across careers.  Mandatory student fees do cap across careers.  Exception:  Architecture students in multiple careers will have their tuition capped at the graduate tuition rate.

Tuition Waivers

Graduate tuition waivers do not apply to undergraduate credits.

Online Masters Programs and Graduate Certificates

****The online graduate programs listed below were approved by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education to be billed following an alternative tuition structure, regardless of a student’s individual residency.  Each of these programs are administered strictly via an online delivery method.  In instances where the student has declared this unique program prior to the start of the semester and is enrolled in only online classes, the ND resident tuition rate may be charged.  NDSU’s thirteen credit tuition cap does not apply and mandatory student fees are charged.  Student program changes, including online program eligibility, are facilitated and monitored by the Graduate School.  Students with questions regarding their tuition/fee charges may reach out to  One Stop for assistance.

Computer Science Education*

Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science (with option in Leadership in Physical Education & Sport)

Software Engineering*

Supply Chain Management

Transportation & Urban Systems*

Biomedical Engineering


Construction Management*

Natural Resources Management

Agriculture Education

Extension Education

Education (with option in Curriculum & Instruction

*Certificate option available

Collaborative and Tri-College

The above rates do not reflect the tuition rates of schools hosting NDSU students via the NDUS collaborative or Tri-College University registration. 

Audit Rate

The audit rate is 50% of the base tuition rate, corresponding to the student’s individual residency.

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