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Other Student Account Charges

Application Fee

All individuals requesting admission to NDSU are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $35. See the Office of Admission for more information.

Bookstore and Inclusive Access

Students are allowed to charge books and supplies to their student accounts. Please note that there is a limit per semester and the student's account must be in good standing. This option is available only at the start of each semester. The bookstore offers digital textbook options for a variety of classes, which are noted on the student bill as "Inclusive Access". Please note that inclusive access charges are not posted until the 100% drop deadline. Questions may be directed to the NDSU Bookstore.

Capacity Enrollment Fee

Select programs may charge a capacity enrollment fee at time of enrollment. Programs currently charging the fee include Nursing ($50). This is in addition to the standard application fee.

Course Audit

The course audit (not for credit) fee is 50% of the student's tuition rate, based on their individual residency. Student fees are not assessed on audited courses.

Course Challenge

The course challenge fee is 50% of the North Dakota tuition rate. The fee is paid after approval of the petition to challenge, but before the special examination is administered. Course challenges are coordinated by the Office of Registration & Records.

Course or Class Fees

Individual courses or course sections may have additional fees. The fee amount will be listed under Class Notes in the Class Sections Detail on Campus Connection.


Residence Halls

Other Charges may apply based on the specific residence hall or apartment. See Department of Residence Life for more information and/or with any questions.

ID Card

All students are required to have an NDSU photo ID card. New and/or replacement ID Cards are charged to the student account. Questions may be directed to the NDSU Card Center.

Interactive Video Networking (IVN) Fee

The Interactive Video Networking (IVN) Fee is assessed for classes taken at non-NDSU locations. IVN charges are equal to 20% of the North Dakota Resident Tuition Rate.

International Students

Upon arrival, international students are charged a one-time International Student Orientation Fee of $75. During each semester thereafter, including summer, each is charged the International Student Support Services Fee of $85. All international students are required to maintain health insurance while attending NDSU. Some may also be required to participate in Intensive English Language courses, which are charged in addition to base tuition.

Late Payment Fees

If an account remains unpaid for more than thirty days after the payment due date, a late payment fee of 1.75% of the principal balance may be assessed. Additional information regarding late fees may be found here:


Students that fail to return items to the NDSU library may be charged overdue and/or lost item fines. Contact NDSU Libraries with questions.

Masters of Managerial Logistics (MML) Access Fee

The MML fee was discontinued at the conclusion of the Summer 2019 semester.

Meal Plan Charges

Meal plans are available to all NDSU students. Charges are based on the type of the meal plan you select. For information on meal plans and associated costs go to the Dining Services website

Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

A non-refundable $30 fee is charged to students enrolling in a Monthly Payment Plan.

New Student Fee

The Department of Student Success Programs is funded by a $135 non-refundable fee charged to all new undergraduate and professional degree seeking students in their first semester at NDSU. The new student fee provides operations and personnel costs aimed at promoting student success and retention, including but not limited to, orientation and Welcome Week programs, and tutoring services.

Parking Permits and Citations

NDSU students are able to utilize on-campus parking by purchasing an NDSU parking permit. The parking permit is $185 for the academic year. For further information on parking and transportation options visit the Parking Office website. Parking citations may be charged to student accounts as well.

Returned Items Fee

Electronic payments received by NDSU that are returned by the banking institution due to insufficient funds and/or a stopped payment will be assessed a Returned Items Fee of $25.

Special Examinations

NDSU serves as a national testing center. Fees vary for different placement and proficiency testing programs. Questions may be directed to the Counseling Center.

Student Health Service Fees

Students may have charges billed to their NDSU student account by the Student Health Service Center including, for example, laboratory services, medications and clinical/medical treatments. Starting in the Spring 2019 semester, options for billing directly to private insurance companies will be available. Questions may be directed to Student Health Services.

Study Abroad

Students may elect to participate in a Study Abroad program to enhance their education experience. Participation will result in charges above the base tuition rate and vary depending on the program selected and actual cost of the trip. All participants are charged a Study Abroad User Fee of $300-500.

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