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Budget Increase Request

A budget increase is an adjustment made by a Financial Aid Counselor based on documented proof of certain educational expenses incurred by the student that exceed or are not included in the standard budget.  Please read the questions and answers below to determine whether you meet the criteria for submitting the Budget Increase Request Form. 

What is a Budget?

Your “budget” is an estimate based on your overall educational expenses.  This includes direct costs like tuition, fees, room and board and books and supplies.  It also includes a transportation and miscellaneous personal expense allowance.  This estimate is used for all students in your same classification such as grad/undergrad, residency, major, on/off campus living, etc.

What warrants a Budget Increase?

The need for additional financial aid to pay for educationally related expenses incurred during a period of enrollment between 8/22/17 and 5/11/18.  Only certain expenses can be considered based on federal and institutional policy.  

What types of expenses can be considered?

Adjustments may be considered for specific types of mandatory or non-discretionary PAID expenses during the semester for which the increase is requested.  These include:    

  • Housing, heat and electric expenses for students living off campus that exceed the amount included in the standard budget. 
  • A one-time reimbursement for the purchase of a computer for educational purposes. 
  • Dependent Care Expenses paid while the student is in class or attending an academically-related activity.
  • Transportation expenses in excess of $585 per semester for commuting costs or reimbursement for necessary auto repairs.
  • Health, dental or vision insurance premiums paid out of pocket by students classified as independent based on FAFSA criteria.  Excludes costs for spouse and children.
  • Additional course-related expenses such as DCE charges, books in excess of $400 per semester and other fees (lab fees, course fees, new student fee, parking permit, ID card, etc.). 
  • Dual housing or commuting expenses for an approved cooperative education experience or a required pharmacy rotation.  This excludes housing and domestic travel costs associated with a field experience or internship.
  • Expenses related to a documented disability such as an interpreter, speech to text software, portable note-taking devices, or a Smartpen.  

Will I get more aid?

An approved budget increase by NDSU does not automatically guarantee additional aid.   However, if your request is approved, it may result in the addition or increase of the Federal Direct Loan if you have not already been awarded the annual or aggregate maximum.  It may also allow you to apply for a private student loan through a bank or credit union who often requires a co-signer with good credit for approval.  

What is the submission deadline?

To allow adequate time to review your request and process or disburse any aid resulting from an increase, we recommend you submit this form at least 10 business days prior to the end of the semester(s) for which you’re requesting the increase. Recommended submission dates are as follows: 

  • 2017 Fall Semester – 12/4/17
  • 2018 Spring Semester  – 4/30/18
  • Full Academic Year (fall and spring) – 4/30/18

How do I submit a Budget Increase Request?

Complete the 2017-18 Budget Increase Request Form and submit it, along with your documentation, to NDSU One Stop.  If you have questions or need more information on the type of documentation you need to submit, email or call One Stop at 1-866-924-8969 or 701-231-6200. 

Click the link below to complete the Budget Increase Request Form

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