Improving student learning.


Assessment at NDSU is rooted in ongoing conversations among colleagues about how we can improve student learning or development wherever and however it occurs. Assessment has four goals:

  1. Nurture a campus culture in which units systematically gather evidence to document and use that evidence to continually improve learning and/or development.
  2. Use annual assessment reports as an opportunity to engage in ongoing conversations within units and with colleagues on the University Assessment Committee about the learning and/or development that units are promoting.
  3. Promote campus-wide dialogues about how assessment methods can be employed to improve learning and/or development.
  4. Provide information to external audiences to document assessment practices and improvements based on those practices.

What constitutes a great course or training program? Quality can be defined and measured; these assessment resources provide straight-forward recipes for achieving the best possible learning environment.




Types of Assessment

Academic Assessment

Student learning that occurs within a classroom or distance learning environment or within a degree program (across courses).

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Co-Curricular Assessment

Student learning or development that occurs outside the traditional classroom or distance learning environment.

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