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NDSU Guided Reflections On Work (GROW)

The purpose of NDSU Guided Reflections On Work (GROW) was to support student success through their experiences in on-campus employment. This is achieved by helping students reframe their views of their on-campus employment through intentional conversations with their supervisors. NDSU GROW came about because many departments in the former Division of Student Affairs were actively assessing the learning of their student employees and were interested in building on that work in ways that would result in improving student success. The NDSU GROW initiative was based on the IOWA GROWinitiative, which has graciously allowed us to use many of their materials.

NDSU GROW used the following activities:

  • A pre-survey was sent to all NDSU Student Employees in the Division of Student Affairs in the fall semester.
  • Supervisors of student employees voluntarily participated in training.
  • Training covered how to implement the GROW intervention, which is for supervisors to hold brief (10 – 15 minute) conversations 1-on-1 or in small groups with the student employees they supervise. The conversations focus on what students are learning both in the work setting and in their academic experiences and how that learning applies to work.
  • Supervisors held the conversations with their student employees.
  • A post-survey was sent to all NDSU Student Employees in the Division of Student Affairs in the spring semester.

NDSU GROW Materials

Presentation Slides for NDSU GROW
Supervisor NDSU GROW Packet


NDSU GROW Pre-survey of student employees

Interactive results available for viewing or download:

Spring survey results were sent individually to each participating department.


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