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About Academic Assessment

View a brief video (below) about each step in the NDSU Assessment Cycle.

Image titled NDSU Assessment Cycle. A red ribbon in a helix shape. Steps 1 through 5 reads from the bottom to the top alternating right to left. 1 Ask a question about student learning 2 Gather evidence to answer question 3 Analyze results - answer the question 4 use and share results 5 Reflect, celebrate, ask new question

The NDSU Assessment Cycle

1. Ask a question about student learning
  • NDSU's Assessment Helix

  • Extremely brief history of assessment in higher education.
    How did we get here?

  • SLO it down
    Getting started with student learning outcomes (SLO)

  • Get a map!
    An introduction to curriculum mapping

2. Gather evidence to answer question.
  • Gathering evidence of student learning

3. Analyze results - answer the question
  • Resources for analyzing results

4.Use and share results
  • Sharing and using assessment results

5.Reflect, celebrate, ask new questions.

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