Teaching and Learning Mini-Conference

A mini-conference addressing current teaching and learning topics for instructors.

Teaching and Learning Mini-Conference

Tuesday, May 24, 2022
9 a.m to noon  |  Place TBD

Join the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Learning and Applied Innovation Center for a mini teaching and learning conference. Last year's conference was held virtually and offered three learning tracks. The committee is still in the planning stages for the 2022 conference. If you are interested in presenting at this year's conference, contact Stacy Duffield with your presentation proposal.

The conference is FREE and open to any instructor interested in attending. The information below is from the 2021 conference and will be updated as we identify speakers and topics.




About the Presenters

Workshop Descriptions

Innovation in HyFlex Teaching Award 

Inspiring Colleague Award




This year's presenters all serve in various roles on the NDSU campus. Some of the presenters listed will participate as part of a panel discussion. A special thanks to all our presenters for the 2021 Teaching and Learning Mini-Virtual-Conference.


Dr. Beena Ajmera
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Kimberly Booth
Assistant Professor of Practice, Biological Sciences

Dr. Mari Borr
Professor, School of Education

Dr. Jeff Boyer
Director of Assessment & Accreditation

Dr. Jessica Danielson, LPCC-S, NCC
Assistant Professor & Clinic Coordinator, Counselor Education

Holly DeVries
Graduate Assistant, Office of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Stacy Duffield
Director, Office of Teaching & Learning

Dr. Jeanne Frenzel
Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Angela Hodgson
Associate Professor of Practice, Biological Sciences

Sharley Kurtz
Assistant Manager, Learning and Applied Innovation Center

Jessica Linneman, MSN, RN
Part-time Academic Staff, Nursing Bismarck Location

Dr. Jenni Momsen
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Lorna Olsen
Instructional Technology Specialist, Learning and Applied Innovation Center

Dr. Theresa Shume
Assistant Professor, School of Education

Dr. Andrea Smith
Senior Lecturer, Management and Marketing

Melissa Stotz
Manager, Learning and Applied Innovation Center

Dr. Lori Swinney
Instructional Designer, Learning and Applied Innovation Center

Dr. Lydia Tackett
Associate Professor, Geosciences

Amy Tichy
Graduate Assistant, Office of Teaching and Learning









This event is FREE and open all NDSU faculty, instructional staff, and graduate students. A registration link/button will be active when registration is open for the 2022 conference.









9 a.m. -  Welcome   |  View Recording (coming July 6) >>

9:30 a.m. - Concurrent Sessions I  |  Session Choices >>  |  View Recordings (beginning July 7) >>

10 a.m. - Break

10:10 a.m. - Concurrent Session II  |  Session Choices >>  |  View Recordings (beginning July 12) >>

10:40 a.m. - Break 

10:50 a.m. - Concurrent Session III  |  Session Choices >>  |  View Recordings (coming July 15) >>

11:20 a.m. - Break 

11:30 a.m. - Closing and Teaching Award Winners Announced   |  View Recordings >>








Workshop Descriptions

Participants can choose from three different tracks during each concurrent session. The tracks from which to choose are: Responsive Practices, Transitioning Your Teaching, and Strategies & Techniques. 



Presenters: Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald, Dr. Stacy Duffield, and Melissa Stotz
Hear from Provost Fitzgerald about current trends in higher education nationwide and plans for NDSU, now and in the future. The welcome will include important information on this mini-virtual-conference and how to join concurrent sessions.

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Concurrent Session I Workshops


Responsive Practices Track
Teaching with Empathy (Not Sympathy) for Inclusion and Equity
Presenter: Dr. Angela Hodgson
Learn about strategies you can use to incorporate empathy into your courses (even after the pandemic) for inclusion and equity.

View Recording >>

Resource List >>  |  Evidence-Based Teaching Guides >>  |  Teaching With Empathy: Why It's Important >>


Transitioning Track
Post Pandemic Future  |  Panel Discussion
Moderator: Tammy Cummings
Panelists: Dr. Theresa Shume, Dr. Beena Ajmera, and Dr. Kimberly Booth
Hear from three NDSU instructors regarding the pros and cons of continuing HyFlex when classes begin to return to normal or move toward a new normal. Learn ways to adapt HyFlex equipment and technology to supplement your face-to-face classes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions you may have regarding use of the HyFlex equipment and technology.

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Strategies & Techniques Track
Cares Instructional Design Project  |  Panel Discussion
Moderator: Sharley Kurtz
Panelists: Dr. Andrea Smith, Dr. Jeanne Frenzel, Jessica Linneman, MSN, RN and Dr. Lydia Tackett
Hear from four instructors who participated in the CARES grant Instructional Design Project. Find out what the project consisted of and learn tips and tricks they took away from the project.

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Concurrent Session II Workshops


Responsive Practices Track
Universal Design for Learning: A Holistic Approach to Course Design
Presenters: Dr. Lori Swinney and Lorna Olsen
Participants will be introduced to the three guiding principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and see examples applied to course design. Learn how making simple changes based on the UDL principles can address common accessibility issues students face while meeting the needs of diverse learners.

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View presentation slides in PowerPoint  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)


Transitioning Track
Ungrading: Alternatives to Traditional Grading
Presenters: Dr. Jenni Momsen and Dr. Jeff Boyer
We will introduce participants to Susan Blum's book, Ungrading: Why rating students undermines learning (and what to do instead), and how grades intersect with motivation and learning. As time permits, we will explore a variety of assessment and evaluation approaches as alternatives to traditional grading. Participants of the Ungrading book club discussion may find the discussion familiar.

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View presentation slides in PowerPoint PDF  |  Audio (MP3)


Strategies & Techniques Track
The Power of Asynchronous to Improve Learning
Presenters: Dr. Mari Borr
Are you interested in teaching an online asynchronous class? Or have you tried teaching an asynchronous online class but were unhappy with the results? This session will cover the basics of teaching an asynchronous class. Topics will include organizing the structure of the asynchronous class for less frustration and more learning, encouraging student engagement, and creating assessments that work well in the asynchronous environment.

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Concurrent Session III Workshops


Responsive Practices Track
Cultivating a Resilient Campus Together
Presenter: Dr. Jessica Danielson, LPCC-S, NCC
The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of cultivating resiliency. During this presentation, attendees will explore ways to foster resiliency in students, colleagues, and themselves to create a more resilient campus.

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View presentation slides in PowerPoint  |  PDF  |  Audio (MP3)


Transitioning Track
New Certification Courses in Teaching
Presenters: Holly DeVries, Amy Tichy, Dr. Lori Swinney, and Sharley Kurtz
Many instructors have not had the benefit of directly learning methods for teaching in various situations. With CARES grant money, the Learning and Applied Innovation Center was able to create several certification courses to help instructors fill this gap. This presentation will discuss the new certification courses in Evaluating Quality Course Design, HyFlex Design and Facilitation, Online Design and Facilitation, and Universal Design for Learning and Digital Accessibility. You will learn where to find these courses, what they are comprised of, and how you can sign up to take one (or all of them!).

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Strategies & Techniques Track
5 Minutes of Fame: Share Your Success Stories
Moderator: Dr. Melissa Vosen-Callens
Informally share, in 5 minutes or less, your success story of the past year. We welcome you to share your teaching and learning successes both big and small. Sharing your example with instructors who attend this session provides an opportunity to learn from each other. Your example might just be the solution to another instructors pressing issue.

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What OTL & LAIC Can Do For You
Presenters: Dr. Stacy Duffield and Melissa Stotz
Learn what the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Learning and Applied Innovation Center can do for your teaching practice.

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Teaching Award Winners Announcement - Find out who won each award in 2021.

Innovation in HyFlex Teaching (Small Enrollment) >>
Innovation in HyFlex Teaching (Large Enrollment) >>
Inspiring Colleague >>

Congratulations to all Award Nominees:
Beena Ajmera
Enrique Alvarez
Kimberly Booth
Amitava Chatterjee
Sajad Ebrahimi
Rasha Hendawi
Ben Laabs
Stanley Ng
Paul Omernik
Mary Pearson
Fred Riggins
Jessie Rock
Ellen Schwarz
Lauren Singelmann
Brad Strand
Mark Strand
Ryan Striker
Laura Thomas
Cheryl Wachenheim
Nate Wood






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