A list of offices and services that can assist with teaching and research needs.

Campus Resources

NDSU offers resources for faculty in a variety of topics. Familiarize yourself with each of these NDSU offices as they each have unique services and information designed specifically for faculty, instructional staff, teaching assistants, and staff who support these individuals. Here is a list of offices and services at NDSU that can assist you with your teaching and research needs.




NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning

Making connections with programs, people, and resources to offer innovative and timely solutions in teaching and learning. Together we reinvigorate the teaching mission of North Dakota State University. All of our services offered are listed in the top menu of this website. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all our services.

Resources offered include the following:

Phone: 701-231-7015 (local); 1-800-726-1724 (toll-free)





NDSU Bookstore

The designated provider of course material information for NDSU students. By law, the NDSU Bookstore is required to provide information on the courses offered and what materials will be used. Faculty must submit a list of all textbooks and materials required for their course, even if no textbooks are required. Course material expenses can be reduced for students when books and materials requests are turned in at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Items available through the NDSU Bookstore include:

Books and course materials are essential to our practice, so NDSU OTL and the NDSU Bookstore have put together a short video regarding how to order books and materials for the classes you are teaching.  We have also included some valuable tips below.

Tip 1: Reserve books at least eight weeks prior to the start of the semester.
Reserving your books/materials well in advance of the upcoming semester allows the NDSU Bookstore time to watch for the best deals on your books/materials. Those savings are passed on to students taking your class.

Tip 2: If you are short on time, use the Quick Adoption Form.
The Quick Adoption Form gives you the option to quickly enter your book/material information. However, you may want to choose the Faculty Login Adoption System, which remembers your textbook and material requests from previous semesters.  

Tip 3: Notify the NDSU Bookstore if you DO NOT require any books/materials for your class.
Notifying the NDSU Bookstore that you are not using any books/materials is easy. Complete the Quick Adoption Form and check the "No Text Required" box. The bonus is you eliminate unneccessary emails requesting your textbook reservations.

Phone: 1-800-428-8309 (toll-free) or 701-231-7761





NDSU Center for Writers

Provides free, one-on-one writing consultations for members of the NDSU community who seek to improve their writing skills. For assistance with long personal documents (such as novels), we can provide a list of editors-for-hire.

Phone: 701-231-7927





NDSU Disability Services

Find information about ethical and legal implications for college instructors, and also practical tips for a proactive approach to preparing and delivering course curriculum, information, and materials in the Youtube era. Faculty and staff may find the following links to be useful resources in working with students who have a disability:

Phone: 701-231-8463; ND Relay 800-366-6888





NDSU Graduate Center for Writers

Helps graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, to become more successful writers. Our consultants are expert writers who have extensive experience reading and reviewing a wide range of literature by writers at all levels of proficiency.

Services offered include the following:

Resources provided include the following:

Phone: 701-231-5264





NDSU Learning and Applied Innovation

Supports instructors in effective and innovative use of technology in the learning environment. Instructional services provides support and training for:

Phone: 231-8685, Option 1





NDSU Libraries - Faculty Information

Support the teaching and learning of the NDSU community by providing resources and services to all students, faculty and staff. Subject librarians are available for each discipline to help you provide instruction for your courses using NDSU resources and to work directly with students.

Services offered include the following:

Resources provided include the following:

Interlibrary Loan 701-231-8885
Circulation Desk 701-231-8888
Reference Desk (local) 701-231-9746





NDSU Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

A reliable source for authoritative information about the institution to serve both academic and administrative functions.

Resources provided include the following:

Phone: 701-231-8262





NDSU Registration and Records - Faculty Information

Offers educational support services and provides information regarding institutional academic policies and procedures to faculty, staff, and students. Look for information and tutorials on a variety of teaching related topics including: grade reporting, Campus Connection help pages, course scheduling guidelines, FERPA, final exams, forms, data reports, and student statistics.

Resources provided include the following:

Phone: 701-231-7981; 1-800-608-6378 (toll-free)





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