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New Blog Post: What is Active Learning?

Learn what active learning is and how to incorporate it into your class, even if your class has 300 students.

By Amy Tichy I do not remember too much from my student teaching experience almost ten years ago.  I remember that I was student teaching 10th grade world history.  I remember quite a few of the student's faces and names.  I remember the teacher I was working with, but I don’t remember much about the content I taught.  Except for World War I.I vividly remember teaching the basics of how World War I started. I remember, because each student was given a piece of paper with a country, person’s name, political ideology, etc. on it, and we used the classroom to build a world map and walk the students through the events that took place.When I look back at the teaching I have done in the college classroom, I most distinctly remember topics covered that involved the class moving around, taking on roles, or engaging in deep discussions as small groups or as a class. As a student, those kinds of things are the specific moments I remember from classes I have attended, as well. Those activities are considered active learning.Read more about active learning >> 

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