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New Blog Post: Food Insecurity Through the Lens of an NDSU Student

Food insecurity is a real situation happening on our campus, read more about one student affected by food insecurity.

When you look at someone, there are many things that you might assume about that person. For instance, if I walk past you on the sidewalk and smile, you might presume that I’m in a good mood. There is a good chance that you are correct in your assumption, but there is also a chance that you are not. The only real way to find out if I’m in a good mood or not is to ask me.

There are many details of a person’s life that we do not see, and that’s perfectly normal because autonomy is necessary. But what if we challenged our assumptions about others by simply asking a question: Could this create a better learning environment for students?

To increase understanding and awareness, this blog post will explore an issue that is largely present on college campuses worldwide - food insecurity. We will explore the subject of food insecurity through the lens of a college student at NDSU.

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