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New Blog Post: How do we promote health and well-being in the classroom?

Learn simple ways faculty can promote their student's health and well-being.

This series of blog posts from NDSU Health Promotion will explore how faculty can promote health and well-being from the classroom. Before we begin, we want to give a brief overview of NDSU Health Promotion’s mission and values. NDSU Health Promotion, within Student Health Service, engages the broader campus community to inform, educate and empower students to make healthy decisions that enhance their success and well-being. We understand the reciprocal relationship between health and learning, and we partner with other NDSU services and resources to foster a campus climate that supports health and well-being.

Health Promotion Peer Education Groups

One of the many ways we do this is through our peer education groups. Peer educators are students who serve as leaders and role models to fellow students and encourage others to make responsible and healthy lifestyle choices. There are three peer education groups in Health Promotion, each with their own focus on specific aspects of well-being.

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Health Promotion: How do we promote health and well-being in the classroom by Antonia Curtis
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