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Dr. Cheryl Wachenheim Joins the Office of Teaching and Learning as a Faculty Fellow

Learn what Dr. Wachenheim will bring to the office.

Dr. Cheryl Wachenheim has joined the Office of Teaching and Learning as a faculty teaching fellow for the 2021-2022 school year. Faculty teaching fellows provide support and leadership with teaching and learning in collaboration with the director of the Office of Teaching and Learning to advance a culture of learning improvement at NDSU.

As a fellow, Dr. Wachenheim will:

  1. Develop knowledge and skills in promoting student learning,
  2. Develop instructional materials that can support improvement of student learning at NDSU,
  3. Share instructional expertise to support use of best practices in NDSU classes, and
  4. Provide guidance to the director and staff of the Office of Teaching and Learning.

When asked what this fellowship means to her, Dr. Wachenheim says, “I am thankful for the opportunity to grow as a teacher and help others do the same. The Office of Teaching and Learning is dedicated to providing opportunities for faculty, staff and graduate students to become better teachers and to improve student learning, and I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of this. NDSU is definitely a student-centered institution.”

Dr. Wachenheim’s goal for this fellowship is to introduce pedagogical research to faculty interested in exploring this option through instruction and mentoring. Pedagogical research, also referred to as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, employs scientific investigation to improve teaching and learning.

During this fellowship Dr. Wachenheim will facilitate a group including mentors and mentees working on a pedagogical research project proposed by participant mentees. An initial session to share ideas and brainstorm will be following by group and individual mentoring as participant research projects are developed and implemented. The ultimate objective is for participants to share their discoveries through submission of a paper or presentation. Participants will benefit from mentoring by those experienced in pedagogical research as well as their peer participants. Dr. Wachenheim will also write a regular teaching blog.

Dr. Wachenheim is a professor in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at NDSU. She teaches introductory economics, agricultural finance, real estate, and agricultural sales. She continues to learn from others  and owes her strategy for teaching improvement to the concept that the best teachers are the best thieves. She regularly adopts teaching ideas and activities that have worked for others and is committed to sharing her best practices and lessons learned through presenting and publications.

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