Establishing good teaching practices.

Graduate Teaching Resources

Establishing good teaching practices at the graduate level is essential for individuals who plan to teach at a college or university. The Office of Teaching and Learning offers innovative programs to assist graduate students in building their teaching skills. The following resources are available to all NDSU graduate teaching assistants.




Graduate Teaching Resources Postcard
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Distribute this card at your next graduate teaching assistant meeting. 





Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference


Each fall semester the Office of Teaching and Learning, in partnership with the NDSU Graduate School, offers a Graduate Teaching and Learning conference. This conference is open to all Graduate Teaching Assistants who want to learn best practices of teaching and learning. The theme of this conference is “active-learning.”

Develop confidence and skills to lead your class and lab sessions with the highest level of student involvement in learning.

All conference attendees will receive a digital certificate of attendance.


Conference Schedule

August 15, 2022
Oċet̄i Ṡak̄owiɳ Ballroom B 
// Memorial Union

* The conference schedule will be updated soon.

Conference Registration

Registration is now available for the 2022 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference. 


I acknowledge that by submitting this registration I will be in attendance for this event. If I do not attend my student account will be charged $15 to cover the cost of food ordered for me.






Teaching Assistant Learning Community

Did you know the Office of Teaching and Learning, in partnership with the NDSU Graduate School, offers a Teaching Assistant Learning Community (TALC)?

The TALC is a peer-mentoring learning community that provides teaching assistants with teaching support, constructive feedback, and peer-led discussions on best teaching practices. Teaching Assistants are automatically added to the Blackboard virtual TALC, where you can use as much or as little of the resources available as you would like. Whether or not you plan to have a career in the classroom, participating in these groups offers you the opportunity to network with other teaching assistants and learn valuable teaching skills.

To access the Teaching Assistant Learning Community resources, log in to your Blackboard account and click on the “Community” tab on the top bar and select “Graduate Teaching Assistants.

The TALC is free and open to all NDSU Teaching Assistants of any discipline and level of experience. If you have any questions, please email Amy at!




Facebook Group

Graduate Teaching Resources

The Office of Teaching and Learning moderates a Facebook group specifically for graduate teaching assistants, lab assistants, and graduate students who may be interested in future teaching assistant opportunities. This closed group is a supportive and encouraging environment for you to find assistance with your role as a teaching or lab assistant.

We encourage you to post your teaching questions so all teaching assistants can help crowd source an answer. If you have found useful resources and tips please share them with the group. Through these questions and discussions you can continually improve and refine your teaching skills.

Our group moderators closely monitor this group to ensure it remains a supportive environment. If you are uncomfortable posting a sensitive question, message the moderators and they can post it in the group for you or find appropriate support for you. If you have any questions regarding this group contact




More Resources

Active Learning Overview

The video above offers an overview of active learning teaching featuring Paul Kelter, former professor and former OTL director and Brandy Randall, former associate dean of the NDSU Graduate School. 



So You Are Going to TA

If you plan to be a teaching assistant this year (or any year in the future), Rebecca Reichenbach, Ph.D. candidate offers some solid advice for you in the video above.


2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference Videos

If you were unable to make it to the 2021 Graduate Teaching and Learning Conference or would like a reminder of what was said, we have uploaded the videos above. You can also access them on our YouTube playlist >>


University of Washington - Just for TAs
The University of Washington's Center for Teaching and Learning has a well written resource for TAs who are preparing to teach their class. This site covers many of the topics a TA might encounter while teaching and includes advice from experienced TAs. This resource is well worth your time.

We Learn Together Blog
The Office of Teaching and Learning's We Learn Together Blog researches and writes posts about different teaching techniques that may enhance your teaching.

Chronicle of Higher Education
NDSU offers free access to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Use the link above and your NDSU Central Authentication Service (CAS) credentials to login.

New York Times
NDSU offers free access to the New York Times. Follow the link above to instructions on how to login.

The Forum of Fargo Moorhead
NDSU offers free access to The Forum of Fargo Moorhead. Use the link above and your NDSU Central Authentication Service (CAS) credentials to login.

NDSU's Group Decision Center and Information Technology Services offer a free Qualtrics account to all graduate students on campus. Follow the link above to instructions on how to login.

Avenues of Scientific Discovery
This event features an opportunity for graduate students to share knowledge of their program of study with 7th - 12th grade students during a workshop planned by the graduate student(s).

College Teaching Certificate
A three-semester (9-credit) graduate certificate in pedagogy for NDSU graduate students from across campus who plan to teach in a college or university.



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