Instructional Design Support

Support for redesigning or modifying portions of your course.

Instructional Design Support

If you could save time on teaching preparation would you? What about being able to increase performance or retention of information in your class, would you want to know how? When you work with an instructional design team they become your partner in making these things happen. The instructional design team can help you find appropriate technology and methods of teaching to ensure your curriculum is engaging and fully accessible to all students. Working with the instructional design team allows you to find instructional efficiencies you may not have been aware of. 

Through a new collaboration, NDSU faculty and instructors now have access to a team of experienced instructional specialists in NDSU's Learning and Applied Innovation (LAI) team. Whether you are a seasoned teacher looking for a few curriculum design tips or a faculty member new to teaching, you can benefit from a consultation with them. 

Instructional design is an important element in ensuring your students are learning your content efficiently and remembering what they learned. Schedule a consultation with the LAI instructional design team today.



Instructional Design Support Postcard
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Distribute this card at your next faculty or graduate teaching assistant meeting. 




Instructional Design Team's Role

Our team works with faculty across a variety of content areas and with a variety of classes. They are not content experts. They are experts in pedagogy, teaching strategies, effective use of technology, and learning styles. Think of instructional support as your behind-the-scenes team teacher. Their work is devoted to helping you learn about teaching, step out of your comfort zone, and be able to see teaching through your student's eyes. Working with the instructional design team should be a motivating and rewarding experience. 

The LAI instructional design team can provide group and individual training as well as assist in the following areas:

  • Course development & redesign
  • Creation of customized instructional materials & digital media
  • Implementation of latest technologies & methodologies
  • Ongoing assistance with course goals




Working With the Instructional Design Team

Working with LAI's instructional design team is a FREE service offered to all faculty and instructors at NDSU. Requesting a consultation can be more than designing or redesigning a full course. It can be working on a small portion of a course that isn't performing as well as the rest of the course or it can involve developing your skills with specific technologies.

The steps below lead you through the process of working with the team. 

  1. Request a consultation
  2. An LAI staff member will contact you to set up a meeting and let you know which team member you will meet with. 
  3. Prepare for your consultation by identifying the course, courses, or technology you plan to work with. Bring your learning goals, a current syllabus, and any other relevant details. 
  4. Your instructional specialist will listen to what you are trying to accomplish, ask questions to gain more information, and offer suggestions regarding your course. 
  5. Additional meetings may be scheduled as additional needs are identified.




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