A personalized teaching program.

Peer Teaching Partnership

A personalized teaching partnership between two or three faculty or instructional staff members with a shared vision of improving teaching and learning at NDSU.

As with any academic field, the scholarship of teaching and learning informs our understanding of what works in the classroom. We know that observing each other in the classroom, and discussing it with others, is a great way to become a better teacher. This program aims to get NDSU faculty and teaching staff involved in those observations and discussions.

The Peer Teaching Partnership program has evolved from its previous Peer Review of Teaching program. The program was revised to reflect a more personalized teaching partnership.

Participants will work with at least one other instructor but often with two other instructors who also have a desire to improve their teaching and their students’ learning. You will focus on experiences, and document your efforts to become thoughtful practitioners in teaching and learning.

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Required Activities

Together you will:

  • set goals,
  • share syllabi,
  • decide how many times you will meet and observe your partner’s class,
  • consider and grapple with your teaching philosophy and practice, and
  • discuss how you best receive critiques.


Optional Learning

You may also decide to:

  • write a letter about the process you engaged in which may be used in professional advancement documents,
  • keep a journal, and/or
  • write a reflective paper.



Application deadline for Spring Semester 2020 is January 8, 2020.

Application deadline for Fall Semester 2020 is September 4, 2020.

Application deadline for Spring Semester 2021 is January 8, 2021.


To participate in the Peer Teaching Partnership program fill out the application form.


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