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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page contains answers to many frequently asked questions regarding parking on the NDSU Campus. Select a category from the right to be taken to the appropriate area.

Parking Options

Q: What lots are Commuter South permits valid for?
A: On the bottom of every NDSU parking permit, the valid lots are listed. Commuter South permits, specifically, are valid ONLY in T and TA lots, NOT T1, T2, or T3 lots. 

Q: When can I park without a permit? After hours? Holidays? Breaks?
A: Students with or without parking permits may park in any lot from 4:30 PM to 7:00 AM on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays (as listed in the NDSU Policy Manual) except in the following areas: State Fleet Lot, Library, Staff Unloading, designated Reserved Parking, Shuttle Bus stops, BU Lot, any UVS lot and the FargoDome. Employees with or without parking permits may park in any lot from 4:30 PM to 7:00 AM weekdays and all day Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays (as listed in the NDSU Policy manual) except in the State Fleet Lot, Library, BU Lot, designated Reserved Parking, and any lot temporarily reserved for Red Hawks Baseball fan parking. All parking regulations are enforced during class breaks.

Q: How does paying for parking in the Visitor Lot, Wellness Lot, Memorial Union Lot, and T2 Lot work?
Paid parking is available for short duration visits. Park your vehicle and walk up to the pay station, select the amount of time you wish to park, provide payment with either cash, or a debit/credit card.  Place the payment receipt face-up on your dashboard so the enforcement officer can clearly read your time.  Free parking in all pay station lots is available from 4:30 PM -7:00 AM weekdays, all day Saturdays and Sundays, and official holidays.

Q: What parking options are available if I am physically disabled?
People who want to use Accessible (Handicapped-Designated) parking spaces must obtain a State issued Handicapped permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  A valid NDSU parking permit or pay station receipt must be displayed in conjunction with the State issued handicapped permit.
Persons with short-term medical conditions or injuries (six weeks maximum) may purchase an accessible parking permit at Parking and Transportation Services.  Appropriate written verification of need from your physician is required.

Q: Where can I park my motorcycle? 
There is no permit required to park a motorized cycle on campus, however the unit must be parked only in designated motorcycle spaces. Designated motorcycle parking locations are available throughout the campus. Motorized cycles may not park in bicycle racks or areas adjacent to bicycle racks.  Motorized cycles can be ticketed and/or impounded.

Q: My department has a group coming for a special event. How do I handle parking?
An Event/Conference Parking Request Form is available online at The request will be evaluated and Parking and Transportation Services will assist you in purchasing permits for guests and making any other necessary accommodations.

Q: How do I park at the Wallman Wellness Center?
All valid, paid, annual NDSU student, faculty and staff parking permits will be honored in the WE lot for a maximum of 2 continuous hours during the 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM enforcement period.  Visitors, students, faculty or staff without valid, paid, annual NDSU permit may purchase parking time from the pay station kiosks located in the WE lot.  The pay stations accept cash and major credit and debit cards.  The Park & Ride permit is not honored in the WE lot or any other location besides the FargoDome.  Students, faculty and staff using a Park & Ride permit will be required to pay at the pay stations. The WE parking lot is FREE PARKING 4:30 PM – 7:00 AM Monday-Friday and all day Saturdays, Sundays and official state holidays.


Q: How do I purchase a campus parking permit?
All motor vehicles parking on the NDSU campus (except in pay lots, and some time zones) are required to have a valid NDSU parking permit. Faculty, staff, and students may purchase one parking permit per academic year from Parking and Transportation Services. All student permits are sold online through Campus Connection.  Faculty and staff permits are sold and renewed through People Soft. If you need help renewing your permit online, Parking and Transportation Services can also help you at their office. All new faculty and staff members will have to stop by Parking and Transportation Services to pick up their permit.

Q: I have a permit, but my lot is full. Where can I park?
If you have a permit that allows parking in multiple lots, park in any of the lots listed on the front of your permit.  If you have a single lot permit, refer to the front of permit for overflow locations(s).  All NDSU permits are also honored weekdays at the FargoDome (lots C, D, E) with shuttle service available.  No overnight parking is allowed at the FargoDome.

Q: Can I give my permit to my friend or spouse to use? 
Parking permits are not transferable and are to be used only by the individual assigned to the permit by Parking and Transportation Services.

Q: I have a Park & Ride Permit. How does this permit work? 
Park & Ride permits allow parking in the FargoDome lots “C,” “D,”  and “E” only.   Park & Ride permits are not valid in conjunction with any other permits. There is a heated MAT bus shelter located across from lot “E”.   Free Bus service is available by Metropolitan Area Transit (MAT) for all NDSU students, faculty and staff.  Swipe your NDSU ID after entering the bus to ride free.  Complete detail routes, schedules and fares available on the Transit page.

Q: My friend just bought a permit off a guy selling them in my dorm. Is this OK? 
Permits are only valid when purchased from NDSU. Reproducing, defacing, forging, altering, obscuring, transferring, and/or retaining and using a found permit will be subject to revocation of parking permit and/or disciplinary action. The vehicle also may be subject to impoundment; criminal charges, fines or university sanctions may be filed against the owner/operator.

Q: I am graduating/transferring mid-year. Can I get a refund?
A: Students who leave the university before the end of the regular school year, or who no longer need to park on campus, may be eligible for a possible prorated refund. Refunds will follow the academic calendar date on the last day to withdraw to zero credits. Refunds will be issued only to the assigned permit holder, and the permit must be returned to Parking and Transportation Services.


Q: How do I pay for a parking ticket? 
All parking fines received by NDSU students and staff are payable at NDSU One Stop, or online through CampusConnection at   Fines received by visitors may be paid online at or by mail to: NDSU Parking - Dept. 3310, PO BOX 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050.

Q: It’s just an NDSU parking ticket; I don’t have to pay it if I don’t want to, right?
Wrong! Parking tickets written on NDSU controlled property are fines due to the University.  These fines are applied to student and staff financial accounts.  Students and staff are responsible for paying outstanding balances to the University, or "financial holds" may be placed for lack of payment.  These "holds" may bar a student from graduating, receiving transcripts, registering for classes, obtaining housing, etc.  Visitors on campus are also responsible for fines received from parking violations.  Failure to pay may result in formal collection processes.

Q: How do I appeal a parking ticket issued at NDSU?
Any person who feels that a parking ticket written on the NDSU campus was issued in error, may contest the parking ticket by filling out an NDSU notice of appeal form at
All persons receiving a citation have a right to appeal within five business days of the date of issuance of the parking ticket. To file an appeal, complete and submit the form. The administrative review involves no appearance. The appeal will be reviewed by staff from Parking and Transportation Services. If the administrative review is denied, you are obligated to pay the fine. You will be notified by email if this appeal is granted or denied. If you are unable to access email, a phone response may be requested. Persons disagreeing with the result of the administrative appeal may schedule a special hearing with the NDSU Parking Appeals Board for an additional review of their citation. All decisions of the NDSU Parking Appeals Board are final.

Q: What if I forget to hang my permit and I receive a parking ticket? 
When you purchase your permit, you will receive a one-time "Excuse-It Card." Bring this card and your ticket to Parking and Transportation Services to be excused from the violation. This card is only valid for a “No Permit” violation received in your assigned lot. You must bring this "Excuse-It Card" to Parking and Transportation Services within five business days from the ticket issue date to get the citation excused.

Location and General Information

Q: Where is NDSU Parking and Transportation Services located?
NDSU Parking and Transportation Services is located at 1801 15th Avenue North, Fargo, ND. Office hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday. You may contact the office at 701-231-5771, by Fax at 701-231-7980 or online at .

Q: How many parking spaces are on campus?
Parking and Transportation Services manages 8,128 parking stalls in 70 areas ranging from one space to 1,000 spaces.

Q: What if my vehicle becomes inoperable or stalled in a lot?
If your vehicle becomes stalled in an NDSU parking facility, contact Parking and Transportation Services. If your vehicle is impeding or blocking traffic flow, contact University Police at 701-231-8998.

Q: My car is gone! Who do I call?
University Police (701-231-8998) maintains a record of all tows on campus. To recover impounded vehicles, contact Border Cities Service at 701-280-0620. Occasionally, NDSU housing lots must be cleared of snow. During significant snow events, Parking and Transportation Services will notify students and coordinate removal of vehicles with University Police, Facilities Management and Residence Life.  All tow and impound fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and/or permit holder.

Q: How are parking lots allocated?
Commuter lots for students living off campus are assigned first come, first served. Parking lots for students living on campus are assigned by housing location. Parking for faculty and staff is assigned by department and proximity to office location.

Q: What is the "short move" regulation?
Time zone parking is limited to 15-minute or 30-minute (as posted) once every four hour period.  When the posted time-limit restriction shall have elapsed and said vehicle remains parked or is parked again in the same block or zone, said vehicle shall be construed to have remained stationary.  Note:  All time zones remain in effect every day of the year on a 24-hour basis.

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