T-Lofts Apartment Parking Permits

2021-22 T-Lofts parking permits go on-sale 8/1/2021!

All individuals residing in the T-Lofts apartment complex must be approved by the T-Lofts management office before purchasing a T-Lofts parking permit. In order to purchase a T-Lofts parking permit, you must receive a purchasing link via email from the T-Lofts management office. Once you receive the purchasing link, you may use the link to create a T-Lofts Resident Apartment account (or sign in if you already have an existing account) and purchase a T-Lofts parking permit at no charge.

T-Lofts parking permits are valid in the NDSU T lot, located to the east of the T-Lofts apartment. To view the location of the T lot and its proximity to all buildings on-campus, please view the NDSU Parking Map.

If you have any questions on eligibility or how to receive the purchasing link, please contact the T-Lofts Management Office at (701) 356-7369. Once the permit is ordered online, all T-Lofts parking permits can be picked up at the NDSU Parking Office, located at 1801 15th Ave N, Fargo.

Online Purchasing Instructions

  1. Make sure to have complete vehicle information (i.e.: license plate number, make, model).
  2. Allow for all cookies and popups.
  3. Using the purchase link (as stated above), create a new account with a non-NDSU email address.
    Note - If you have an existing account from previous years, login and proceed to step 6.
  4. Select NDSU T-Lofts Apt Resident as your classification.
  5. Once you have filled in all the required information, select Create Account and proceed to log into your new account.
  6. Click on Get Permits and proceed with the transaction.
    Note - You will see the effective permit dates as only being valid for 8/15/2022, however, the permit will be valid from 8/1/2021 through 8/15/2022.
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