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Class Permit and E-Permit

When filling out the class permit and e-permit forms, please include:

  • The three digit catalog number
  • The four digit class number
  • The section number
  • Number of credits if variable

Contract for Service

Anyone we want to pay must be contracted for the service provided in order to generate a check from NDSU.  Examples include:

  • Guest Artists
  • Composers/Arrangers
  • Piano Tuning
  • Small Shop Vendors (single person operations)
  • Guest Performers (musicians, singers, accompanists, actors)
  • Photographers
  • Compensated Students (graduation bands and sports band stipends)

In general, let Tracey or Bill know what the agreed compensation will be for the service, give them the person’s contact info, and they can take it from there.

Just remember, we can’t pay anyone without a contract.

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Please send Tammy a pdf of the document to be copied for quicker service. In addition to the document to be copied, also include the following information:

    • Date needed
    • Number of originals
    • Number of copies needed
    • One or two sided
    • Size of paper
    • Color of paper
    • Stapled or folded (yes or no)
    • Other special instructions

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Guest Parking

All campus parking requires a pass during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM). Guests can park without a pass after 4:30 pm and weekends. Exceptions include several pay lots: Memorial Union, Wellness Center and Visitors Lot

All guests must have a regular or temporary parking pass to park on campus including our PT instructors.  Temporary parking passes are available from the NDSU Parking Office in Thorson Hall-$2

We do have a small stock of passes available to guests (prospective students and such). If you have folks coming in regularly, plan ahead and work with the staff to obtain the passes in advance.

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Leave and Benefits - General Information

Please see a PDF of this brochure.

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Motor Pool

We are no longer able to rent from Enterprise.  State Fleet vehicles are readily available for your travel needs.  To use, call the NDSU Motor Pool at 231-9619 and reserve a vehicle (you will receive a reservation number) e-mail Tammy Ermann with the number, the date of service, the destination and reason for the travel. Tammy will fill out and submit the reservation form.

If there are students traveling, a separate permission form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Dean. Please indicate if any of the students will be driving as well. Give the student information to Tammy and she will fill out the form.

If faculty or students plan to drive a 15-passenger van, they will have take Large Passenger training from the NDSU Motor Pool and be able to furnish proof of training with each reservation. This training is available May through mid-October.

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Promotions Office

The purpose of the Promotions Office is to promote the events and activities of the NDSU Division of Performing Arts. Please remember to submit all information and requests in a timely manner.

NDSU Performing Arts Online Calendar

This calendar will be the most up to date for public use. Refer your students to this page as often as necessary so they are informed of upcoming events.

News Items

Please submit your activities online or through a Word document. Include all information. Your news item will be distributed through Talking Points, eblasts, and our News page, to name a few places.

Student Recitals

Students are responsible for creating their own programs, which will be printed by the NDSU Challey School of Music. All notes and translations are the responsibility of the student.

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Purchase Cards

If you have any questions regarding the use of your Purchase Card, please contact Tracey Dahl. Some notes to remember:

  • Be sure to get all receipts for your purchases.
  • Receipts must include the name of the item purchased.
  • If paid with credit card, proof with the last 4 digits of your card showing is required.

Unallowable charges include:

    • Food
    • Fuel
    • Flowers/Gifts
    • Parking
    • Entertainment charges
    • Postage stamps
    • TAX.  We are tax exempt.  MAKE SURE SALES TAX is not paid in ND. 

If purchase is over $5,000, we need approval from purchasing before we make the purchase. 

Any questions, please ask.   There are sometimes exemptions. 

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Reimbursement Policies

Overview: NDSU and the NDSU Foundation have specific guidelines and procedures regarding reimbursements to faculty and staff members. A summary, provided by Tracey Dahl, is below. If you need more detailed information, please consult Tracey.

Reimbursement for hospitality expenses involving guest artists and faculty members

Note that expenses for spouses of faculty members, by policy, are not able to be reimbursed.

  • Meals and non-alcoholic beverages: We generally seek reimbursement from various local NDSU accounts. You will need (1) the detailed listing of food and beverage items, (2) the receipt showing payment, and (3) a list of attendees and the purpose of the meeting/meal. Alcohol cannot appear on this receipt.
  • There is a per-person, per-meal limit, unless there is an attached administrative waiver/approval document. Limits are:
    • Breakfast: $11.50
    • Lunch $17.25
    • Dinner $28.75
    • Tips: 20%
  • Alcoholic beverages: We must seek reimbursement from NDSU Foundation accounts. This should be treated as a separate transaction, including, as above, (1) the detailed listing of food and beverage items, (2) the receipt showing payment, and (3) a list of attendees and the purpose of the meeting/meal. Obviously, the meal must be connected with hosting guest artists, pre-approved business meetings with outside personnel, etc.

Additional reimbursement information:

  • You must first pay for hotel room and then be request to be reimbursed. 
  • If traveling outside of ND, you must get out-of-state travel authorization.  Online at:  https://apps.ndsu.edu/busforms/
  • Tracey needs to know, reason for trip, time left, time return, destination.
  • Please submit original receipts. Meal receipts are not necessary unless you take someone out to eat and want actual expenses, otherwise per diem is given. 
  • Motorpool car should be used.  See Tammy for reservation. 

Reimbursement Do's and Don'ts

  • One exception to the rule with hotels, if you are traveling with students, e.g. student field trip, you can have your room direct billed with the students.  BUT…  this is the only way your hotel can be direct billed to the college. 
  • Need original receipts for all things to be reimbursed. 
  • DON’T mix food and alcohol on dining receipts.  NEED To be separated.
  • We unfortunately cannot reimburse for spouse meal unless John has approved for reimbursement from the Foundation. 
  • Need the detail of the meal receipt, plus the payment receipt. 
  • Tipping is limited to 20%.   If you tip more, you will not be reimbursed for that portion. 

Questions? Please email Tracey.

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Ana Rusness-Petersen is responsible for scheduling classrooms, concert halls, festivals, and total music building reservations. Please let her know of any:

  • Events – additions or changes, rehearsals
  • Class changes – rooms, times, cancelations, additions (cc: Tammy on these emails)
  • Make sure you confirm with Campus Connection the correct location of your class. Let Ana know if a change needs to be made.

Reservation Request Forms – Please complete the appropriate reservation request form for any and all events you book, and let Ana know of any changes, cancelations, postponements, and rehearsals ASAP.

If you have sectionals for your ensembles, please schedule those directly with Ana and try to have them be the same time and place every week (scheduled as a recurring session rather than a lot of individually scheduled reservations). Ideally, you would work with your section leaders to agree on the sectional times and then you would work with Ana to schedule them for the whole semester.

Please be sure to anticipate, plan for and tell us of any and all rehearsals you plan/hope to have in our building, and when/if these rehearsals change – canceled, times adjusted, etc. – especially if they are scheduled for FCH or BRH.

You will have a much better, and hopefully more timely, response if you email Ana your scheduling requests.

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Travel Authorization Form

For out of state travel, (excluding the Fargo-Moorhead metro area), please fill out and submit this form.

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