Jazz Ensembles

NDSU Jazz Ensembles

Fall 2021 Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Band Auditions

MUSC 311, 01 – NDSU Jazz Ensemble 12:30-1:45. Tuesday/Thursday
MUSC 311, 02 – NDSU Jazz Lab Band, 2:00-3:15, Tuesday/Thursday

Auditions for the NDSU Jazz Ensemble and NDSU Jazz Lab Band will be held on August 26, 2021.
The audition will consist of two parts, first as an entire band sight reading, and an individual audition with the applied faculty.

The full band Jazz Ensemble auditions will take place at 12:30-1:45 in room 118.
The full band Jazz Lab Band audition will take place at 2:00-3:15 in room 118.

Horn players will also have Individual Jazz Auditions which will consist of the attached etude, sight reading, and optional improvisation on a Blues in Bb.

Saxophones will play the two page etude "Without Warning" with the play-along track. The first two pages are for Alto and Baritone, pages 3 and 4 are for tenor. The etude is in Concert Eb.

Trumpets will play the two page Etude "Without Warning" with the play along track.

The play along track can be found here: https://www.kendormusic.com/mp3/2/20715/20715_Without_Warning_-_Rhythm_Only.mp3

Trombones will perform an excerpt from Sammy Nestico's "Prime Time" from m. 89-129.
The first two pages are trombone 1, and pages 3-4 are bass trombone.

Rhythm Section will also perform Nestico’s "Prime Time" from measures 1-53.

Horns please contact the individual professors to schedule an audition on Thursday and Friday, August 26-27.
Saxophones: Matthew.Patnode@ndsu.edu
Trumpets: Jeremy.Brekke@ndsu.edu
Trombones: Kyle.Mack@ndsu.edu