Jazz Ensembles

NDSU Jazz Ensembles

Audition Information:
There are two jazz ensembles at NDSU, the Jazz Ensemble (MUSC 311, section 1) T.TH 12:30-1:30, and the Jazz Lab Band (MUSC 311, section 2 T.TH 2:00-3:00) Auditions for the Fall 2020 Semester will be held on Thursday, August 27. Due to Covid restrictions this semester, both bands will rehearse masked, socially distanced.

There will be an informational meeting in room 118 on August 27 at 12:30 and at 2pm, followed by rhythm section auditions. We will not be playing a full band audition this year.
Horn auditions will be scheduled by the studio teachers, audition sign up times will be on the studio doors.

Saxophone - Matthew.Patnode@ndsu.edu

Trumpet - Jeremy.Brekke@ndsu.edu

Trombone - Kyle.Mack@ndsu.edu

Group auditions will only be held for the the rhythm section, masked and socially distanced. 12:30 for Jazz Ensemble Rhythm section and at 2:00 for Jazz Lab Band Rhythm section.
Rhythm Section:
Please download your corresponding instrument's part from the attached tunes. We will form a rhythm section on Thursday to rotating players in and out.

Una Mas - measures 1-41
It Don't Mean a Thing - M. 1-37
Rippin' and Runnin'
- m. 1-66

Horn Auditions will be held on Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28. The audition will consist of the the attached etudes, sight reading , and an optional blues improvisation. Please download your materials from the link above.

Saxophones and Trumpets: Play one chorus of "Have you Met her" - Trumpet, "Have you Met her" - Saxophone, with rhythm section track found here.

There will also be optional blues improvisation for saxophones and trumpet.

Trombones: Perform etude 1 and etude 2, optional blues improvisation.