25th Annual High School Choral Festival

Dear Choral Director,

Thank you for bringing students to the 2014 NDSU High School Choral Festival.  We will try our best to make it an exciting and worthwhile event for you and your singers. 

The schedule for the choirs is attached so that you can make plans accordingly.  We are sure that you realize that the more preparation the students have before they arrive, the better the musical experience will be for them throughout the festival.  If they have not learned the music before we begin rehearsals, they will not be able to contribute positively to the ensemble and will adversely affect those students who came prepared to make music. Thank you for the time you spend with them to get them ready for this event outside of your busy schedules.

Please plan on attending the concert on Sunday afternoon after the registration.  We feel that this is an important part of the choral festival and we would like all of the students to have this experience.  Dr. Virginia Sublett, and Dr. Robert Jones will meet with seniors who are interested in participating in music at NDSU on Monday morning from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m.  Please send us the names of the seniors who plan on attending this meeting.  We would like to have enough materials and space for everyone.

If you have a junior or senior participating in a voice master class, the schedule will be included in your registration materials.   We ask that students come prepared by singing an appropriate song that they are currently studying or bring a selection which they prepared for contest last year.  Due to the scheduling of the master classes, we request that you notify us at the time of registration if you have any cancellations.

We are making a significant change this year for concert attire and the time of the concert. The concert will be at 5 p.m. on Monday.  We have decided to move it to this time so that you may get home two hours earlier.  We will have a light snack for the students between the final rehearsal and the concert.  Also, for the concert we would like the students to wear the t-shirt they will receive at registration.  They can come dressed in the t-shirt for the Monday rehearsals.  They may also wear jeans (without holes) and tennis shoes.  This will eliminate the need to change clothes and having to find places to keep their dress clothes after you have checked-out of your hotel.

We would like to recognize the students who have participated in the Choral Festival all four of their high school years.  We would appreciate it if you could send us those names.

The closing concert will feature the festival choirs.  The concert will be free and open to the public.  We will also be recording the concert and a CD will be available for purchase.  Students and family members may order a CD at the festival and we will mail it directly to them.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will try to respond promptly. Again, thank you for taking the time to bring the students to this event.  We always look forward to working with these groups and meeting with the directors who accompany them. 


Jo Ann Miller Michael Weber Charlette Moe
Director of Choral Activities Assoc. Dir. of Choral Activ Choral and Music Education
701-231-7822 701-231-8497 701-231-6165
jo.miller@ndsu.edu m.weber@ndsu.edu charlette.moe@ndsu.edu

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