Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

Challey School of Music Scholarships are available exclusively to qualified music majors. An audition is required in order to be considered for a music scholarship. Below are some of the most often asked questions about the audition process.

How Long Will My Audition Be?

Ten minutes or less. See Step 3 of the Admission Checklist for audition requirements for scholarship and admission to the Challey School of Music.


Is There A Required Repertoire?

See audition requirements on the prospective page.

Do I Need To Bring My Own Accompanist?

NDSU will have an accompanist available for your use, but you may bring your own if you wish. We will work with you to schedule a short rehearsal with your accompanist. Please bring your music to your audition; you may send a copy of your music in advance (see below for mailing address).

Do I Need To Be Fully Admitted To NDSU To Audition?

No, you do not need to be fully admitted to audition, but admission to NDSU is required before any scholarship award can be offered. Some academic scholarships have application and acceptance date requirements. Please consult with NDSU Music and/or NDSU Admissions for that information.

How Does the Challey School of Music Decide Who Is Offered A Scholarship?

Scholarship auditions are competitive. NDSU faculty members judge all auditions. Auditionees are ranked by accomplishment, talent and potential for success in achieving an NDSU Challey School of Music degree; awards are made on the basis of those rankings.

What Are The Scholarship Amounts?

Scholarships range from $500 to one full-tuition award every year. Some are renewable, subject to review and student success, for up to three additional years.

How Do I Arrange For An Audition?

The first step is to complete a Scholarship Audition Form. Once the form is submitted, contact Dr. Michael Weber or 701.231.8497 to schedule an audition time.

Which Is Best – A Live Audition Or A Recorded Audition?

Everyone makes the strongest impression by auditioning in person. The audition allows you and the faculty of your specialty area to meet. This is an opportunity to perform in Beckwith Recital Hall, ask questions of the faculty, meet the NDSU Music Student Ambassadors (all current NDSU music students), and other prospective students from various high schools in your region. It is an exciting experience, and it is to your advantage to audition in person. However, we also know that distance and schedule conflicts may necessitate a recorded audition; please contact the department for details.

May I Audition In More Than One Area?

Yes. Below you will find some information that may help you decide if you want to do so:

  • Music scholarships are awarded in a single specific area (i.e., voice or saxophone or percussion). Auditioning in multiple areas will not increase the amount or scope of your award.
  • The area in which an award is given is the area in which you will be required to take private lessons and be in specific ensembles to sustain your scholarship. This does not preclude you from taking lessons or performing in other ensembles in different areas.
  • If you audition in multiple areas, we will determine the area in which the scholarship is awarded. If you will accept your scholarship only in a particular area, do not audition in other areas.

Is There An Audition Deadline?

No. We may award scholarships at any time prior to starting school. However, scholarship funds are limited, and awards might not be available later in the year. For full consideration, auditions should be completed by March 1.

When Are The NDSU Music Scholarship Audition Dates?

Nov. 15, 2024, and Jan. 24 and Feb. 3, 2025

May We Make Appointments For An Audition Outside Of The Scheduled Audition Dates?

We prefer that you schedule your live audition during the scheduled audition day. That said, we understand that not everyone can come at this time, so we offer the opportunity to meet with our faculty on a mutually acceptable day and time, Monday through Friday. Please contact us if you need to audition outside of the scheduled times.

May I Change My Appointment Time Once It Is Set?

Yes, but we ask that you try your best to coordinate your audition request with other personal obligations to minimize changes.

What Are The Requirements For A Music Scholarship?

The requirements for a music scholarship include being a registered music major, carrying a full academic load as determined by your music academic advisor, meeting all requirements of the music major, maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA in music classes and a 2.5 GPA overall, and actively participating each semester in ensembles and activities as determined by your advisor and the music faculty.

If you are offered and accept a music scholarship, you need to participate for credit each semester and maintain a grade of B or higher in both a major ensemble and applied lessons in the performance area of your audition. Should you not meet these requirements, the award will be adjusted or cancelled.

Should I Arrive Early For My Audition? Where Do I Check In?

Yes. Please arrive 60 minutes before your scheduled audition time. Twenty minutes of this time can be spent in warming up in a practice room. Registration is in the Challey Atrium of Festival Concert Hall. Please plan to use the west parking lot and entrance, a parking pass will be provided. Please click here for a campus map.

Vocal Students: You will recieve your schedule in an email. Plan to arrive before your scheduled audition to warm up.

Are Parents Allowed To Watch My Audition?

No. Our auditions are not open to the public (including your parents). Your audition will be performed for members of the NDSU Challey School of Music faculty.

Additional Questions?

Our goal is to make the audition process as comfortable for you as possible. Please contact Dr. Michael Weber (701.231.8497) or the Music Office (701.231.7932) if you have any questions or need additional information.

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