Music Student Recital Guidelines

Preparing for your student recital can be a complex, yet exciting task for music majors. The information below should guide you towards a successful recital. Remember, it is up to you to make sure this process moves smoothly. Do not count on your studio instructor or office staff to make sure you complete the necessary steps in presenting a recital.

Recital Types

  • MUSC 380 - Preparation and presentation of a half-recital, typically presented in a student's junior year for performance majors, or senior year for music education majors.
  • MUSC 480 - Preparation and presentation of a full recital, typically presented in a student's senior year for performance majors.
  • MUSC 780 - Preparation and presentation of a professional, full length recital.


Please complete and submit the signed forms to the Music Office.

Step One

  • Register for MUSC 380, 480, or 780 within the first two weeks of the semester. E-permit (available in the office) is necessary for registration.

Step Two

  • Discuss potential recital and dress rehearsal dates with your studio instructor, accompanist, and other performers.
  • Pick five potential recital and dress rehearsal dates and times.
  • Present the five dates in order of preference to the Music Office to determine availability.

Step Three

  • After confirming date availability, please complete and submit a Student Recital Request Form.
  • Your recital date is not guaranteed until the Student Recital Reservation Form has been submitted and accepted. You will receive an email confirming your recital date.
  • Once your performance date has been reserved, complete and submit a Recital Rehearsal Form.

Step Four

  • Practice!
  • Discuss program repertoire with your studio instructor.

Step Five

  • Graduate and undergraduate students are responsible for creating their own recital programs. Give yourself ample time to research, develop, and create your program.
  • At least three weeks before your performance date, read and download the Recital Program Instructions and Template.
  • Work closely with your studio instructor to edit and proof your recital program. Typically, the process is as follows:
    • The student creates a program using the Recital Program Instructions and Template
    • The student submits program to studio instructor for edits.
    • The instructor returns program in a timely manner; student makes necessary updates
    • After a final review by the instructor, the student submits program for printing.
  • The Challey School of Music will print the program only, not notes and translations. Please use the Notes/Translations Template and bring to Memorial Union Graphic Services, Kinko's, etc for printing.
  • One week before your performance date, submit a Microsoft Word version of your program to Amy Richardson for printing. Any programs received later than the deadline may not be printed, and your recital grade may be affected.
  • Questions about creating your program? Contact Amy Richardson for assistance.

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