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30 minute lessons

  • Fall (13 lessons): $234.00
  • Spring (15 lessons): $270.00
  • Full School Year (28 lessons): $504.00
  • Summer (8 lessons): $144.00

45 minute lessons

  • Fall (13 lessons): $351.00
  • Spring (15 lessons): $405.00
  • Full School Year (28 lessons): $756.00
  • Summer (8 lessons): $216.00

60 minute lessons

  • Fall (13 lessons): $468.00
  • Spring (15 lessons): $540.00
  • Full School Year (28 lessons): $1008.00
  • Summer (8 lessons): $288.00

Prorated Fee

  • $18.00 for 30 minute lesson
  • $27.00 for 45 minute lesson
  • $36.00 for 60 minute lesson

(Summer lessons offered only by specific teachers, check with your teacher to see about availability in the summer.)


There is a $15 registration fee per student for first time registration only



Once you have registered, you may pay in full or make two payments per semester for the fall and spring semesters.  Payment is due at the first lesson.  Lessons will not begin until payment has been received.  If paying twice per semester, the second payment is due during the seventh week of the semester.  Payment can be made in the form of check or credit card.  Checks should be made out to NDSU.  Summer session payment is due in full at the first lesson.


Make-up lessons

There will be the option of making up one lesson each semester for excused absences.  An absence will be counted as excused when the teacher is notified at least one week prior to the missed lesson.  If a student is ill, the teacher must be notified by phone a minimum of two hours prior to the lesson.  If the teacher was not notified prior to the absence, the lesson will be counted as unexcused and will not be rescheduled.  All make up lessons will take place during a specified make up lesson day.  Make up lesson days are listed on the calendar.



Academy students are expected to:

         1)     keep a regular practice schedule as specified by their instructor

         2)     attend all lessons and recital in which they are enrolled

         3)     Bring instrument, music and all lesson materials to each lesson


Building Policies

Peace Lutheran Church has graciously opened their facility for Academy use, we wish to keep their building in good order and respect their property.  The Sunday school wing is the only place students and parents will be allowed to wait in the building.  An adult must accompany students at all times.  Students may not wait outside of the building for any reason and must remain in the Sunday school wing.  Our building host will greet you at the door and escort you to the Sunday school wing.  Please use the west door located by the parking lot. 


Student Dismissal

Students who are not meeting the expectations listed above may be dismissed at any time with tuition forfeited.


Cancellation of lessons

Lesson cancelled by the instructor will be made up at the earliest convenience of both parties.  The Music Academy will only cancel lessons due to bad weather if NDSU cancels events for that day.  Check the NDSU website, www.ndsu.edu, for cancellation information. We will not follow public school or Peace Lutheran cancellations.  If a student decides to cancel due to bad weather, the instructor is not obligated to make up the absence.

Withdrawing from lessons requires written notification to the Academy office.  If written notification is not received, students will still be considered officially enrolled and charged accordingly for tuition.



After the first payment has been received, students are obligated to pay for that half of the semester.  If a student has paid in full for the semester and does not continue lessons in the second half of the semester, a refund will be given for the second half of the semester.


Late Arrival

Students are expected to arrive on time and be ready for their lesson to begin at the specified time.  Instructors will wait 15 minutes before assuming the student will be absent for the lesson.  Instructors are not required to make up lost time.  However, if an instructor is late they will arrange to make up the lost time.

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