NDSU Theatre and Theatre B Partnership

September 19, 2013

The NDSU Department of Theatre Arts, Theatre B, and the North Dakota Governor’s School are pleased to announce a new partnership to offer the ND Governor’s School Performing Arts Program.

About the Performing Arts Program Collaboration
Theatre B and the Department of Theatre Arts will partner to provide artistic leadership during the six-week summer program. Students will spend their day exploring the art and craft of ensemble-based theatre through training and rehearsal. They will work in an ensemble-based, collaborative environment to deepen their talents by co-learning, training, and creating with experienced members of the Theatre B ensemble. The students will create and tour a highly creative theatrical production.
The partnership was an easy decision, says Department of Theatre Arts chair Rooth Varland: “Theatre B has run a really impressive program for high school students for many years. We naturally looked their way when it was time to shake up our programming. The organizations fit together really smoothly. Theatre B has always modeled intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and civic engagement, which are all qualities the Governor’s School fosters.”

“This partnership is full of incredible opportunities for us as an organization,” says Theatre B Program Coordinator Brad Delzer. “It allows us to reach out across the state, to deepen our commitment to the training of emerging artists, and to provide our ensemble with another creative outlet for collaboration and education.”

Varland adds, “This partnership means that Governor’s School students will have the opportunity to explore and train at a level not available anywhere else in North Dakota, and to work with artists from the best theatre in North Dakota.”

About North Dakota Governor’s School
North Dakota Governor’s School is a six-week residential program for scholastically motivated high school sophomores and juniors. Students live, work, and have fun on NDSU’s campus while receiving high-quality, intensive instruction through class experiences, labs, field trips and other activities. The state of North Dakota funds the cost of participation for North Dakota students. Theatre B will provide limited scholarships for non-North Dakota residents hoping to participate.

About the North Dakota State University Department of Theatre Arts
The Department of Theatre Arts provides a comprehensive, rigorous, and innovative academic program consistent with the mission of NDSU. The department serves the pursuit of high-quality teaching, artistic performance, dedicated service, and professional and scholarly excellence through experiences of lasting value.

About Theatre B
Since 2003, the ensemble and guest artists of Theatre B have brought to life a wide variety of the latest award-winning plays and bold, untested new works. Located in the renovated storefront at 716 Main Avenue in downtown Fargo, Theatre B’s unique space removes barriers between actor and audience, intensifying the experience and moving viewers to contemplate the stories long after they have left the theatre.

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