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NDSU Choral Symposium inspires new book: Relevance in the Choral Art

Feb. 10, 2020

Fargo, N.D. Fargo, N.D. –

Relevance—the third NDSU Choral Symposium—was held at North Dakota State University in October 2018, organized and hosted by Challey School of Music choral faculty members Jo Ann Miller, Charlette Moe and Michael Weber. Scholarly and practical presentations have now been collected in a new book compiled by American Choral Directors Association executive director Tim Sharp.

The symposium provided opportunities for choral musicians around the hemisphere to discuss and collaborate on the topic of the significance and relevance of choral music in our culture today. Presenters shared many progressive ideas and experiences in creative programming—looking at standard repertoire in new ways and creatively serving the needs of the people in their own communities. Exciting examples included developing choirs for special populations, leading prison choirs and choirs for people with dementia and Parkinson’s disease, and providing opportunities for musical growth for those and other special populations.

With a foreword by Jo Ann Miller, “Relevance in the Choral Art: A Pathway to Connections” is the fourth book in ACDA Executive Director Tim Sharp’s choral series, and an important study of how choral music is engaging new audiences and participants. The articles represent some of the profound and, yes, relevant work our colleagues are doing across the country. The breadth and depth of the commitment at the symposium was an inspiration. These choral musicians are developing empathy, understanding, hope, cultural awareness, trust, and community—and they are experiencing and encouraging diversity as well as addressing challenging social issues.

The book is published by GIA Publications and available through GIA, Amazon, and any retail music dealer..