Roots of American Popular Music (MUSC 108)

Online! Spring 2017

Love rock and roll? Want to get college credit for learning about rock and roll? Then Roots of American Popular Music is for you!

Roots of American Popular Music follows the development of rock and pop music in the United States from its folk roots in Europe and Africa. The class examines rock based music as the voice of contemporary society influencing and reflecting social and political changes in the United States.

Students work at their own pace, reading and listening to music covering artists such as:

Bob Dylan | The Beatles | The Eagles | James Brown | Bruce Springsteen | Divo | Elvis - Costello and Presley
Buddy Holly | Metallica | Nirvana | REM | Ani Difranco | Nine Inch Nails | Green Day | Carl Perkins | Bob Marley | Madonna

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Roots of American Popular Music
MUSC 108 | 3 credits | Spring (5887)
Instructor: Bill Law

This class fulfills General Education, Humanities and Fine Arts and Cultural Diversity requirements.

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