Miss Julie

Miss JulieBy August Strindberg

Translated by Rooth Varland and adapted by Lori Horvik.

November 30-December 4, 2011
Wed-Sat at 7:30 PM; Sun at 2 PM
Walsh Studio Theatre


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About Miss Julie

August Strindberg's masterpiece explores the conflict between sexual passion and social position. Miss Julie is a portrait of a young woman struggling to retain her dignity and sanity while involved in a love affair with one of her father's servants.

Miss Julie deals with class, love, and lust - the classic battle of the sexes. Set on a midsummer night in 1874 on the estate of a count in Sweden, Miss Julie attempts to escape an existence cramped by social customs and to have a little fun. She dances at the servants' annual midsummer party, where she is drawn to a senior servant named Jean.

On this night, actions between Miss Julie and Jean, which was previously a flirtatious contest for power, rapidly escalates to a relationship that is fully consummated. Miss Julie regrets their intimacy and Jean's ability to control her through her emotions.

In the end, Jean convinces her that the only way to escape her predicament is to take a step that leads to an action that is morally and physically incomprehensible.

Miss Julie is the first play in which sex is separated from love and was banned throughout much of Europe. Not only does the intimate encounter take place between an upper-class aristocrat and lower-class servant, which in itself was shocking for the time, but is intercourse based on lust rather than love. However, Strindberg's portrayal of the strength of sexual desire strongly influenced later playwrights, including Tennessee Williams (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof).

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