Wokashi: Classic Japanese Kyogen Comedies

Tokuro Miyake

TicketsTokuro Miyake,
guest artist

February 23-26 & March 1-3, 2012
Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM; Sun at 2 PM
Askanase Auditorium

About Wokashi

That Wokashi is Japanese for "amusing" or "witty" will be obvious in this presentation in English translation, from the repertoire of classic humorous sketches known as kyogen.

Wokashi Wednesday!

The fanciful and earthy world of kyogen is peopled with dim-witted demons, talking animals, hen-pecked husbands with their domineering wives, clever servants who outwit their clueless masters, bungling Buddhist priests, clumsy Shinto gods, and a host of other amusing and memorable character types.

Theatre NDSU's production of this kyogen sampler will feature authentic traditional staging - including costumes, masks and properties - and will be mounted under the expert guidance of guest artist, Ms. Tokuro Miyake of Tokyo, whose family has been performing kyogen for 600 years and who is only the second woman to perform professionally in this sparkling, witty and universally appealing art form.

About Tokuro Miyake

Ms. Tokuro Miyake became successor to her grandfather's (living national treasure 9th Tokuro Miyake) stage name in 1989, and was announced as the 10th Tokuro Miyake at the National Noh Theatre on May 21, 1989. She first appeared on stage at the age of three and is the second daughter of the 19th Izumi School Head Master. Following her sister Junko, Ms. Miyake has appeared in many official public performances as one of the first female Kyogen players in Japan. In 1986, she played "Sanbaso" and "Tale of Nasunoyoichi," in 1992 "Kanaoka," and December 1994 "Tsurigitsune." Ms. Miyake recieved the award of gratitude for her activities from the Minister of Education in 1989 and is a graduate of Aoyama Gakuin University.

Wokashi Wednesday!

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