Newfangled Theatre Company

The Newfangled Theatre Company strives to challenge and enlighten audiences by presenting bold, innovative works of theatre. Each Newfangled Theatre production is entirely student-directed, designed, and produced. The company is a branch of Theatre NDSU, and combines the commitment to theatrical excellence with the daring, "newfangled" vision of the next generation of theatre artists.

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The responsibility of the student production board is to facilitate and oversee an entirely independent, student‐run
production season that encompasses and employs students' acting, directing, management, and technical skills in
a professional atmosphere and that reflects the voice of a young generation of theatre artists.

  • Chair: Alex Kleven
  • Vice‐Chair: Dan Ajak
  • Treasurer: Brenna Lahren
  • Publicity Manager: Tommy Hoesley
  • Production Manager: Molly Vines

The board's duties:

  • Oversee the newfangled production season
  • Choose the upcoming year's season
  • Read plays
  • Listen to suggestions from the student body
  • Narrow down and choose productions that best suit our department and the student body needs
  • Select the production teams for each newfangled production
  • Receive applications, interview and vote on applicants
  • Divide the budget (determined by the faculty) between both shows in the season

2016-17 Productions

  • Seven-Eleven Project (Nov 2016)
  • Welcome to Hell, You're Dead (2017)

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