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Auditioning for a Role

Open auditions are held for all Little Country Theatre productions and any NDSU student is welcome to audition. Tri-college students may also audition, but they must register for at least one credit at NDSU if cast in a production. This credit may be Theatre Arts 206, Theatre Practicum.

Auditions are held in Askanase Hall. Audition dates are announced in the NDSU Spectrum, on posters throughout the campus and online. Play scripts are available for student perusal several weeks before each audition. Perusal scripts for both productions are available at Askanase 107, as well as at the NDSU Main Library for short-term check-out.

Audition information.

Students cast in a role in Theatre NDSU production may earn one credit hour by signing up for Theatre Arts 206, Theatre Practice. This class may be added at any time during the semester. See the director of the production for more information.

Audition Information Sheet (must be given to director during auditions)
Theatre NDSU Rehearsal Guidelines

In addition, newfangled Theatre Co. produces four shows during the school year. Cast and crew opportunities are available for all NDSU and tri-college students. Contact Theatre Admin. Assistant Karen Dregseth at 231-8725.

Other Acting Opportunities

Students enrolled in any of the three directing classes offered by the Department of Theatre Arts are always looking for students to act in their class projects. These projects typically require a commitment of two to four weeks and rehearse four to seven days a week for one hour. If you would be interested in acting in a directing class scene, please notify the directing instructors:

Chelsea Pace, 231-7785
Jess Jung, 231-8776

Working Behind the Scenes

Theatre is a collaborative art form needing the work of many artists and craftspersons. LCT Productions offers students many opportunities to become involved behind the scenes in working on a production.

Students who work on a crew for any Theatre NDSU production may earn one credit hour by signing up for Theatre Arts 205, Theatre Practice. This class may be added at any time during the semester. See your crew supervisor for more information.

Construction Crews: Construction crews help prepare the scenery, costumes or properties for a production. Their work is done in the weeks preceding the production. While carpentry skills are helpful in working on scenic construction and sewing skills are helpful in doing costume construction, the theatre staff is willing to train interested students.

If you are interested in scenery and/or properties construction, contact:

Mark Engler, Technical Director

If you are interested in costume construction, contact:

Rooth Varland, Costume Director

Running Crews: Running crews help the show run smoothly while it is in production. They may work the light or sound board during the show, shift scenery or properties during scene changes, help actors in and out of costume, or help maintain the costumes during the run of the show. Typically, the running crews begin their work during technical rehearsals, which are held the weekend before the show opens, and continue through the run of the show.

For more information on the shift crew, properties crew, or to work as a light or sound board operator, contact:

Mark Engler, Technical Director

For more information about working on wardrobe or as a dresser, contact:

Rooth Varland, Costume Director

Earning Academic Credit for Your Work

Students participating in a Theatre NDSU production may earn one credit hour by signing up for Theatre Arts 205, Theatre Practicum: Backstage; or Theatre Arts 206, Theatre Practicum: Performance and Management. This class may be repeated and may be added at any time during the semester.

Theatre Arts 205 and 206 is available only to students working on a Theatre NDSU production.

Ushering at a Production

Any interested person may serve as an usher for a Theatre NDSU production. The department urges NDSU student groups to increase their visibility on campus and in the community by reserving a performance for their members to serve as ushers. Ushers are recognized in production programs when sufficient notice has been given of a group's desire to usher for a performance. Ushers see the performance free-of-charge.

Ushers are expected to wear appropriate clothing while ushering. They are required to be at the theatre by 7:00 p.m. on performance nights and to stay through the end of the play.

If you or your group is interested in ushering for a Theatre NDSU performance, contact:

Karen Dregseth, Theatre Admin. Assistant

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