Preparing Your Scholarship Audition

"What should I prepare for my Audition / Interview?"

All students, regardless of particular interest, will have about ten minutes to talk with the theatre faculty about their interests in theatre, what theatre they have pursued thus far, and where they hope a theatre degree will take them in their life. It is an opportunity for the faculty to get to know students and also for students to get to know us as well. Please feel free to bring questions about our program, about us, and about theatre! We want our students to be happy in their careers here pursuing theatre at NDSU!

In addition to the informal portion mentioned above, please prepare the following based on area of interest:

  • Acting: 1 minute (memorized) monologue (please adhere to requested time allotted)
  • Musical Theatre: 1 minute (memorized) monologue, full length musical theatre piece (an accompanist will be provided, a capella pieces will not considered)
  • Design/Technical: Portfolio Review: Designers, technicians, and stage managers should present examples of work in the form of photographs, prompt-scripts, slides, and/or drawings of productions on which you have worked. Examples of related skills (painting, drawing, sewing, handwork, woodworking, etc.) are also helpful. Please plan on this part of your presentation approximately 3 minutes.

Students should send their application prior to their audition/interview, but also bring a copy of the application, unofficial high school transcript, and resume to the audition/interview.

"How do I schedule an audition/interview?"

To schedule an audition or interview, contact the Theatre Office at 701.231.8725 or

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions or interviews are not finalized until your scholarship application has been submitted.

"What should I bring to my audition/interview?"

You will need to bring the following:

  • A copy of your High School Transcript
  • A resume with programs or work sample if applicable
  • At least one letter of recommendation

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