NDSU Renaissance Gallery and Memorial Union Gallery

The Renaissance Gallery is the newest of the NDSU galleries. Located in NDSU Renaissance Hall (650 NP Avenue), the gallery hosts exhibits featuring student, faculty, and alumni exhibitions.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am-5 pm and during scheduled building events. Hours may vary due to attendee scheduling. For more information regarding the gallery, please contact Kent Kapplinger at 701.231.8360 or Kent.Kapplinger@ndsu.edu.

The Memorial Union Gallery is located on the NDSU Main Campus, upper-level of the Memorial Union. Many students present baccalauarate exhibitions at this gallery. Additional information can be found online.

Baccalaureate Exhibitions Spring 2014

Graduate Baccalaureate Exhibition
Memorial Union Gallery
Exhibition: April 15-May 2 | Reception: April 15, 5-7 PM

Dave Sauvageau | Jordan Nelson | Chelsey Lutovsky | Spencer Kelley | Haily Peterson
Katie Lauberstien | Jordan Stiefel | Hannah Zoe Olson | Sydney Martin


Baccalaureate Preview I
Renaissance Hall Gallery
Exhibition: April 15-April 22 | Reception: April 22, 5-6 PM

Ginny Pick | Ian Warner


Baccalaureate Preview II
Renaissance Hall Gallery
Exhibition: April 24-May 1 | Reception: April 24, 5-6 PM

Julianna Haman | Sarah Svensson



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