Mission, Goals and Objectives


The Department of Visual Arts provides a comprehensive, rigorous, and innovative academic program that is consistent with the land grant university context and mission of NDSU. The Department pursues high quality teaching and artistic experiences of lasting value for all who pursue its endeavors.


Goal 1.
The Department of Visual Arts (DVA) will serve the artistic and academic needs of our university population by providing an inspiring, diverse and relevant artistic learning environment.

Objectives (Goal 1)
The Department will:

  1.a. Maintain a facility, which is safe, sustainable and inspiring for scholarly and applied artistic endeavors;
  1.b. Provide inspired instruction that is adaptive and responsive to the needs of our students;


1.c. Engage students in direct experiences of creating and experiencing art in an environment that is both challenging and supportive;


1.d. Provide a foundation of knowledge that enables students to engage in meaningful critical dialog both within and outside of the learning environment;


1.e. Consistently monitor contemporary global artistic practice and be responsive as a program to provide innovative learning experiences for students, faculty;
  1.f. Provide understanding and appreciation of diverse artistic expressions in western and non-western traditions;


1.g. Ensure and maintain opportunities for the general university student to participate in appropriate art courses and activities, including creative, historical, theoretical and survey experiences.     


Goal 2.
The DVA will monitor the fields of visual arts and be proactive in the diversification of the program to meet the demands of the field and contemporary practice. 

Objectives (Goal 2)
The Department will:

  2.a. Maintain and strengthen our BA, BS and BFA in art through enrollment management, curricular development, faculty recruitment, facility improvement and strategic resource allocation;
  2.b. Allocate personnel and material resources for the current degree programs in conjunction with factors such as student demand, professional market demand, artistic and educational trends and both rural and urban employment expectations and opportunities; 
  2.c. Provide administrative support for directed student advisement and monitoring, being mindful and responsive to specific student needs and interests and the realities of the broader educational environment nationally;
  2.d. Provide the instructional resources, equipment, supplies and budget necessary for the maintenance and development of high-level learning experiences in both scholarly and studio artistic facilities;
  2.e. Encourage and support faculty development to inspire personal growth, expertise and leadership in the studios;
  2.f. Maintain systematic procedures for library development in both department and university level applications;
  2.g. Ensure opportunities for growth and expansion of studio offerings and programs as needed;
  2.h. Provide, encourage and support departmental field trips, travel, and course workshops and studies abroad for students.


Goal 3.
The Department will ensure and maintain mutually beneficial alliances within the university, community and other institutions of higher education, both locally and regionally.

Objectives (Goal 3)
The Department will:

  3.a. Collaborate with other university programs in the development of interdisciplinary courses and experiences that enhance aesthetic awareness and integrate aesthetics and artistic practice into the realm of other programs;
  3.b. Form collaborative alliances with the local, regional and national arts organizations;
  3.c. Initiate collaborations with the regional educational community and the arts community in outreach and service to public and private schools, private art teachers, community centers among other entities;
  3.d. Initiate alliances with the business and corporate communities;
  3.e. Develop and maintain support from individuals, businesses and corporations for the development of funds for scholarships, endowed chairs and major equipment;
  3.f. Represent the University and Department both on and off the campus with quality exhibition, project and engagement opportunities for both faculty and students.

Goal 4.
The Department will improve teaching through continuing faculty development.

Objectives (Goal 4)
The Department will:

  4.a. Provide resources and facilities to support faculty professional exhibitions and provide information on opportunities for faculty to exhibit nationally and abroad;
  4.b. Provide a program of ongoing, supported faculty development through symposia, seminars, retreats and other appropriate avenues;
  4.c. Seek to provide a departmental mentoring program to assist new faculty in the pursuit of professional development activities;
  4.d. Encourage research, creative activity and scholarship through administrative assistance with grant writing, support for new initiatives, travel support and other appropriate avenues;
  4.e. Provide sufficient administrative support to permit faculty to focus on teaching and scholarship;
  4.f. Provide, encourage and support departmental field trips, travel, course workshops and studies abroad for faculty.


Goal 5.
The Department will optimize the use of technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning, research and creative activity and service and outreach initiatives.

Objectives (Goal 5)
The Department will:

  5.a. Support teaching and research through sufficient technology resources to serve classrooms, studios, laboratories, faculty offices and a hi-tech classroom;
  5.b. Improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of administrative operations through enhanced hardware, software and staff expertise;
  5.c. Improve student/faculty awareness and skill in technology through required courses and faculty development programs;
  5.d. Enhance student and faculty creativity and production in technology domains by providing appropriate hardware/software;
  5.e. Provide for maintenance and updating of technology through appropriate inventories, supply mechanisms, planning and employment of technology support staff.


Goal 6:
Continuing development of sustainability practices.

Objectives (Goal 6)
The Department will:

  6.a. Be stewards of natural resources by utilizing when possible low impact and low environmental footprint processes and materials;
  6.b. Inspire in our students the importance of taking care of both the facility and the materials that are utilized in the production of art works;
  6.c. Improve student/faculty awareness and skill in regards to environmentally friendly art practices;
  6.d. Support initiatives whenever possible that transition our facilities to lower natural resources impact;
  6.e. Continue to identify and utilize locally resourced materials. 

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