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The Department of Visual Arts provides a comprehensive, rigorous, and innovative academic program that is consistent with the land grant university context and mission of NDSU. The Department pursues high quality teaching and artistic experiences of lasting value for all who pursue its endeavors.

The Department of Visual Arts offers several degree opportunities; the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the professional degree and the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science, liberal arts degrees. The B.F.A. requires a studio art concentration, the Bachelor of Arts requires studio art as well as an intermediate competency in a foreign language and the Bachelor of Science requires studio art and a minor in another field of study.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To develop a deep understanding of visual communication including the formal relationships in art and design and material and technical process that are introduced during foundations and reinforced through deep content in an emphasis area(s).
  2. To garner a deep understanding of the context of Art including the history of art and the theoretical discourse that is part of contemporary art practice and to produce work that shows evidence of a connection to this knowledge.
  3. To develop a strong ability to communicate both through written and verbal means about art to others and through a secondary semester in the capstone process, to more effectively present their work to the general public.
  4. To develop effective creative strategies that synthesizes what they have learned in foundations, art history and criticism and studio practice to  guided by the faculty in the early stages of their academic career to fully independent at the capstone level.  
  5. To understand and appreciate the community that we are engaged with our work, from local to global and to consider how their work in a capstone is considering the proper context for their work to exist in the world.
  6. To naturally integrate technology design through a technologically proficient perspective.
  7. To progressively move towards graduation as a preparation for the “next step” towards career aspirations as a professional artist.      

Program Requirements

Department Syllabi


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For more information regarding scholarships, please contact Kelly Todd at 701.231.8818 or

A limited number of scholarships are awarded based upon excellence and need to junior and senior art students.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include elementary/secondary art education, commercial art/graphic design, animation, illustration, arts marketing, commercial photography, museum/gallery work, exhibition design, independent studio art, municipal art programs, art criticism, independent art instruction, art media research, arts organizations, art funding agencies, and university instruction.


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