Visual Arts Minor

The Art Minor at NDSU consists of 18 credits and the program has been newly revised to shift the emphasis of the minor from a broad cross section of beginning courses to a completely flexible model.  This ultimately customizable minor program allows students to design a program that compliments interests and major areas.  For example a pre-dentistry student who may consider taking the one required Art History course along with 5 ceramics classes. At the end of the minor program students are invited to participate in a group exhibition highlighting the great work of all of our students.

Objectives: Minor in Art

  1. To broaden the understanding and perspective of art to the non-art major.
  2. To provide an opportunity to augment in a significant way the major they are pursuing.
  3. To develop a strong appreciation of the arts in general.
  4. To strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills through making an dappreciating visual art.


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