NDSU research symposium focuses on biomedical advances

Advancements in biomedical sciences, drug discovery and development were the focus of speakers at the Third Annual American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Symposium on September 8 in the Memorial Union at NDSU. 

Sponsored by pharmaceutical sciences in the College of Health Professions, the event featured eminent speakers and poster and oral presentations by students in the School of Pharmacy.  

Dr. Samir Mitragotri of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Dr. Daret St. Clair in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology at the University of Kentucky, spoke at the event to share their significant expertise with students. 

Mitragotri focused on advances in the field of bio-inspired and bio-mimetic nanoparticles for drug delivery. St. Clair shared recent advances about a redox-based mechanism to selectively enhance the effectiveness of cancer therapy, while reducing normal tissue injury. St. Clair also spoke about the role of natural antioxidants in cancer treatment. 

More than 45 students and faculty from Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Engineering and Health Professions attended the event. 

Goutham Vasam and Amreen Mughal, graduate students in pharmaceutical sciences, provided oral presentations about their research. Awards were presented to three poster winners and the two graduate speakers by AAPS-NDSU student chapter. 

The following NDSU Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate students received awards for their poster presentations: 

  • Farnaz Fouladi, “Mechanisms responsible for weight loss and regain following ROUX-EN-Y gastric bypass: The gut microbiota composition and bile acids”
  • Divya Sharma, “Effect of addition of zinc and chitosan to insulin and comparing the in vitro release of insulin from chitosan-zinc-insulin-complex-loaded thermosensitive copolymer delivery system containing different chain lengths of chitosan"
  • Swetha Thiyagarajan, “RAGE mediated activation of Vascular Endothelial Cells by Age and Heterodimeric S100A8/A9”







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