NDSU College of Health Professions Ambassadors select awards recipients

Photo of NDSU Health Professions Ambassadors

Students serving as NDSU College of Health Professions Ambassadors awarded several honors to their members at their April 2022 meeting. Awardees are:

  • Leadership Legacy Award - Alli Bushaw        
  • Rising Star Award - Ingrid Swanson               
  • Quiet Influence Award - Celia Mix                 
  • Resilience Award - Halle Hess                       
  • Ole’ Reliable - Claire Glade                            
  • Star Ambassador Award - Anna Skarphol     
  • Leftover Queen - Rachel Klimek                    
  • Heart of Gold - Annie Gatzke                         
  • Smiles Award - Kyle Allbee                            
  • Verified Influencer - Laura Paulsrud              
  • Extra Mile Award - Kaylie Kirchenwitz                      
  • Noteworthy New Member - Jordan Burkhart           
  • Girl Boss - Niyati Borkar                                 
  • Ambassador of the year - Sarah Wirz

College of Health Professions Ambassadors represent the college at official functions, recruitment activities, charitable and other events. The selective student organization of 25 to 30 members represent each of the departments within the College.

This premier group of students promotes the college through: Campus tours for prospective students, homecoming tours for alumni, the White Coat ceremony, the Nurse Pinning ceremony, and a host of other events for prospective students, current students, and alumni.

The College of Health Professions recognizes the valuable role of alumni and students in the recruitment, application, and enrollment process by sharing their positive experiences and advice with prospective students.

"These students represent leaders within their disciplines," said Aleisha Lokken, director of student affairs in the College of Health Professions. "They make significant contributions and help groups, ranging from middle school to alumni, learn about what the college has to offer in preparing future health care professionals."

Senior Recognition

  • Kerington Lee
  • Birgen Black
  • Celia Mix
  • Brittan Grubb
  • Rachel Klimek
  • Annie Gatzke
  • Niyati Borkar
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