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Pharmacy (Entry-level Pharm.D.) Application & PCAT Information


This supplemental application must be completed and submitted to the College of Health Professions by all persons wishing to be considered for acceptance into the Entry Level Pharm.D. Program. It is only one part of the application process: a formal NDSU application for admission must be submitted through the Office of Admission website in addition to this application by all applicants, with exception of current or former NDSU pre-pharmacy students.  

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above is required before an applicant will be evaluated. Applicants who are NOT currently NDSU pre-pharmacy students must submit official transcripts of previous academic work to the University's Admissions Office AND one set to the College of Health Professions. We do require the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test). The College requires that students take either the PCAT in July, September, October or November 2017 for students applying for 2018.  We will accept PCAT scores from exams taken back three years (July 2014 to November 2017). 

  • PharmD Technical Standards. Students must meet ALL of these technical standards to be eligible for admission to the NDSU Doctor of Pharmacy program. Please reviews these standards before applying. 

  • Application FAQs

Application DEADLINE is DECEMBER 31, 2017.

NOTE: Transfer students are urged to submit transcripts and applications as early as possible to assist the college with evaluation for equivalencies.


A required $125.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee MUST be sent to us in order to activate your application. Make check payable to: NDSU College of Health Professions. The applicant is responsible for assuring that all required information is submitted. Please contact Liz Frannea, Academic Assistant, at 701.231.7601 if you have questions regarding completion of application materials.


This PharmD Supplemental Application includes the following:

  1. Biographical and demographic information
  2. A checklist regarding processes and procedures
  3. Your educational history
  4. Your academic record
  5. Information that you need to know to complete the application process
  6. An autobiographical essay (1,500-5,000 characters)
  7. PharmD Technical Standards
  8. A receipt by email for printing or saving for your records

The NDSU Pharmacy application is now available at the link below. Once you open the application and have completed the first page, you will still be able to go back to it and start where you left off (within a window of a week) as long as you use the same computer or tablet. Therefore, do not use a computer or tablet that is used by others unless you’re able to complete the application in one sitting. To access your application, just come back to the application link below. Once you submit the application, you will no longer have access to your application. However, you will receive an email confirmation with all of your answers recorded in that message.  

When you input your coursework, please note the grade KEY.  You will enter the numerical value for the grade. This KEY, which is listed on each page of coursework, is: A=4, B=3, C=2, Pass=P, Advanced Placement=AP and In Progress=IP.

PharmD Application


Handy Links


The 2017-2018 Pharmacy Handbook, which contains the pre-pharmacy and pharmacy curriculum in addition to admission information, is located at the following link, Pharmacy Handbook.


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