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David Scott, MPH, PhD, RPh

118K Sudro Hall


Doctor of Philosophy, Social and Administrative Pharmacy Program, 1987
University of Minnesota

Master of Public Health, Health Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Program, 1982
School of Public Health, University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, 1972


Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice
Director, North Dakota Institute for Pharmaceutical Care 


College Assessment
College Planning, Priorities & Resources
College Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation
University Peer Review Teaching Program 

Areas of Expertise 

  • Global health: Ireland, United Kingdom (developing)
  • Health care delivery in the United States
  • Health outcomes research (rural vs. urban care, pharmacy education and practice) 

Professional Memberships

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 
American Pharmacists Association
North Dakota Pharmacists Association 

Current Research

Medication Errors Workforce studies
North Dakota Telepharmacy Project 
North Dakota Pharmaceutical Care Survey

Recent Publications (selected)

(N=95 publications, 15 technical reports) partial listing

Scott D, Friesner D, Rathke A, Peterson C, Anderson H. Is Operating a Community Telepharmacy Practice Associated with Different Types of Dispensing Errors? Evidence from the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project. JAPhA (accepted 11/21/11). 

Naughton CA, Friesner D, Scott D, Miller D, Albano C. Designing a Master of Public Health Degree within a Department of Pharmacy Practice. AJPE, 2010, 74, Article 186.

Friesner DL, Scott DM, Rathke AM, Peterson CD, Anderson HA: Do Remote Community Telepharmacies Have Higher Medication Error Rates than Traditional Community Pharmacies: Evidence from the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project. JAPhA 2011, 51(4);48-58.

Baldwin JN, Scott DM, DeSimone, EM, Forrester JH, Fankhauser MP. Substance Use  Attitudes and Behaviors at Three Pharmacy Colleges. Substance Abuse, 2011;32:27-35.

Jungnickel PW, DeSimone, EM, Kissack, JC, Lawson, LA, Murawski MW, Patterson BJ, Rospond RM, Scott DM, Athay J. Report of the AACP Special Committee on Substance Abuse and Pharmacy Education. AJPE, 2010, 74: Article S11. 1-8.

Murphy SM, Friesner DL, Scott DM. Do In-kind Benefits Influence Pharmacists’ Labor Supply Decisions? Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, JRAP. 1-10-10, revised 6-24-10, accepted 11-09-10.

Petersen CD, Scott DM, Rathke A, Killingsworth P, Hill G.  Establishing a central order entry site for delivering telepharmacy services to remote rural hospitals. J Phar Tech. 2010 26:179-86.

Scott DM, Friesner DL, Dewey M, Johnson T, Kessler M: Preliminary Evaluation of Medication Therapy Management Services in Assisted Living Facilities in Rural Minnesota. The Consultant Pharmacist. 2010;25(5):96-309.

Friesner DL, Miller DR, Scott DM, Naughton CA, Albano CB. Rural Public Health Education as a Pharmacist-led Team Endeavor. JAPhA, 2010;50:207-213.

Friesner DL, Scott DM: Identifying the Characteristics that Allow Pharmacy Technicians to Assume Unconventional Roles in the Pharmacy. JAPhA, 2010;50L580-591.

Scott DM: Assessment of Pharmacists’ Perception of Patient Care Competence and Need for Training in Rural and Urban Areas of North Dakota. J Rural Health, 2010; 26:91-97.

Scott DM, Friesner DL, Miller D: Pharmacy Students’ Self-reported Perceptions of their Preparation to Provide Pharmaceutical Care. AJPE, 2010:74, Article 8, 1-10.

Scott DM. 2006 North Dakota Pharmacists’ Wage and Workload Assessment.  J Pharmacy Technology, (In Press, 11-08-08). 2009.

Friesner D, Scott DM. Validating a standard patient satisfaction survey instrument in a telepharmacy setting.  (J Am Pharm Assoc., (In press, 12-31-08). 2009. 

Khan S, Sylvester R, Scott D, Pitts B.  Physicians’ Opinions about Responsibility for Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs and Formulary Prescribing in Two Midwestern States.  J Managed Care Pharmacy. 2008:14;780-789.

Khan S, Snyder HW, Rathke AM, Scott DM, Peterson CD.  Is there a Successful Business Case for Telepharmacy.  J Telemedicine and eHealth.  2008:14;235-244.

Scott DM, Halvorson D.  Assessment of Pharmacy Technicians’ Salary, Benefits, and Responsibilities in North Dakota.  J Pharmacy Technology.  2007:23:148-57.

Baldwin JN, Scott DM, Agrawal, S, Bartek JK, Davis-Hall RE, Reardon TP, DeSimone   EM:  Assessment of Alcohol and Other Drug Use Behaviors in Health Professions
Students.  Substance Abuse Journal.  2006; 27:27-37.

Scott DM, Boyd ST, Stephan M, Augustine SC, Reardon T. Outcomes of Pharmacist Managed Diabetes Care at the Siouxland Community Health Center. American J Health-Syst Pharm.  2006; 63;21:2116-22.  

Scott DM:  European Patients in Urban and Rural Areas.  In: Vess-Halbur K, Halbur D. (editors). Chapter Author,  Essentials of Cultural Competency in Pharmacy Practice, 1st edition, APhA Publishers, Washington DC, 227-252, 2008.  

Schafermeyer K, Khan S, Scott DM, Hurd PD:  Managed Care Pharmacy and Public Health.  In: Lubotsky Levin B, Hurd PD, Hanson A (editors). Chapter 9, Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy, 1st edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 205-226, 2008.  

Lubotsky Levin B, Hanson A, Scott DM:  Public Health Informatics.  In: Lubotsky Levin B, Hurd PD, Hanson A (editors). Chapter 13, Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy, 1st edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 297-320, 2008.  

Scott DM, Lubotsky Levin B, Hanson A:  Public Health Services.  In: Lubotsky Levin B, Hurd PD, Hanson A (editors). Chapter 6, Introduction to Public Health in Pharmacy, 1st edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 131-156, 2008.  

Scott DM:  Ambulatory Care.  In: McCarthy RL and Schafermeyer KW (editors). Chapter 7, Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists, 4th edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 191-218, 2007. 

Hanson A, Lubotsky Levin B, Scott DM:  Informatics in Health Care.  In: McCarthy RL and Schafermeyer KW (editors). Chapter 11, Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists, 4th edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 303-326, 2007. 


Scott DM, Rathke AM, Friesner DL, Peterson CD, Anderson HC. Comparison of Dispensing Error Rates Between Telepharmacy Sites vs. Comparison Group. APhA Annual Meeting, Poster Session, April 3-6, 2009, San Antonio.

Friesner DL, Scott DM, Rosenman R. What Factors Induce Pharmacists to Report Working Longer Hours. APhA Annual Meeting, Poster Session, April 3-6, 2009, San Antonio.

Baldwin JN, DeSimone EM, Scott DS: Alcohol and Other Drug Use Attitudes and Behaviors in Nebraska Health Professions Students.  AACP Annual Meeting, Poster Session, July 10, 2006, San Diego.

Scott DM, Anderson, H, Rathke A, Peterson C:  Medication Dispensing Error Study of Telepharmacy and Comparison Sites in North Dakota.  American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting, Poster Session, March 17-21, 2006, San Francisco.

Scott DM, Anderson, H, Peterson C, Rathke A:  Medication Error Study of North Dakota Telepharmacy Sites.  American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting, Poster Session, April 2-4, 2005, Orlando.


PH 710 Health Care Systems
PHRM 352 Introduction to Health Care Systems, Coordinator and Lecturer
PHRM 475 Pharmacy Management, Coordinator and Lecturer

Director, North Dakota Institute for Pharmaceutical Care: Assessment activities:

Medication Adverse Drug Event (ADE) and Medication Error Reporting Network in Rural Hospitals, 2008-1
ASHP Survey of Hospital Pharmacy Services in Rural Hospitals, 2008-12
Medication Dispensing Error Study, 2004-08
ND Pharmacist Salary and Workforce Survey, 2006-07
Business Plan to assess ND Telepharmacy services (with Dr. Khan), 2006-07
Midwest Region Medication Therapy Management Project (with Iowa), 2006-07
ND Pharmaceutical Care Survey, 2005-06
Patient Satisfaction Survey with ND Telepharmacy Project, 2005-06
Consultant and Project Evaluator: Expansion of Pharmacist Medication Therapy Management Services to Rural  Assisted Living Facilities. Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota, 2007-09
Consultant and Technical Assistance:  Northland Pharmacy Technician Association, 2005-06


1996-2008       Who’s Who in American Education (Marquis)
1997-2009       Who’s Who in the World (Marquis)
1997-2008       Who’s Who in America (Marquis)
1998-2006       Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (Marquis)
1999-2000       Who’s Who (Strathmore’s)
1999-2010       Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare (Marquis)
2006                North Dakota Rural Research Award for the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project (team award)   
2007                Biggest Improver Overall Winner, Wellness Center Fitness Challenge, NDSU

Personal Mission Statement

My mission as a pharmacy practice faculty member is to use my pharmacy and public health backgrounds to apply epidemiology and social science methods to the study of drug use problems, especially those dealing with pharmaceutical care, rural health, and outcomes research. Other priority areas are: 1) to foster interest in pharmacy practice research by serving as a mentor and role model for students, and 2) to achieve excellence in teaching professional practice, particularly health care systems, pharmaceutical care, and outcomes research. My mission and priorities are tethered by my responsibility to balance my personal agenda for development with the needs of the institution in which I work, and my family responsibilities. 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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