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Physics GRE Preparation

This forum is the primary resource that I know of:

Basically every typical question can be found somewhere in the physics GRE forum. There is also a lot of really good information under Prospective Physics Graduate Student Topics; the most useful are the profiles where students list their stats (GRE scores, GPAs, publications, etc), the schools they applied to, and their admission status.

The previous GRE exams can be found under Sample GRE Exams at the bottom of this page:

The general consensus is that the recently administered exams have been most like the '01 test. The '96 test is notorious for its difficulty. Solutions to each exam can be found at:

Find out more at the official site, or from other third parties.  Third party sites are often full of good summaries, but may be trying to sell you something so beware.  For more advice, bring the GRE up with your adviser at your next meeting!

The AIP prints out a book containing admission statistics for the different physics grad departments. It's available online at:

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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