Recent Graduate Dissertation/Thesis Titles

Recent Graduate Dissertation/Thesis Titles
StudentDegreeAdviser  (Discipline)Thesis Title
Mohammed Alziyadi (2020)Ph.D.Alan DentonOsmotic Swelling Behavior of Ionic Microgels
James Froberg (2020)Ph.D.Yongki ChoiSingle-Molecule Studies of Intermolecular Kinetics Using Nano-Electronics Circuits
Kevin Gima (2020)M.S.Dmitri KillinExcited State Dynamics in 1D Thermoelectric Materials
Nathan Walker (2020)M.S.Andrei KryjevskiA Density Functional Theory and Many Body Perturbation Theory-Based Study of Photo-excited Charge Separation in Doped Silicon Nanowires with Gold Leads: Toy Models for the Photovoltaic Effect
Braden Weight (2020)M.S.Andrei KryjevskiInspection of Excited State Properties in Defected Carbon Nanotubes from Multiple Exciton Generation to Defect-defect Interactions
Deyan Mihaylov (2019)Ph.D.Andrei KryjevskiAspects of Photoexcited Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures from Many-Body Perturbation Theory Utilizing Density Functional Theory Simulation Results
Cody Gette (2019)Ph.D.Mila KryjevskaiaExploring the Complex Relationships among Reasoning, Content Understanding, and Intuition in Physics
Rachel Downing (2019)M.S.Sylvio MayFrom ionic liquids to lipid bilayers: Applying lattice models to 2 and 3 dimensional composite liquids
Amal Altayyar (2019)M.S.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films Dip-Coating by Colloidal Nanocrystals Bilayer Films
Meshal Alzaid (2019)Ph.D.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Flexible Nanocomposite Thin Films for Electronic Devices
Brian Farlow (2019)Ph.D.Warren ChristensenSquare Peg Thinking, Round Hole Problems: An Investigation of Student Thinking about and Mathematical Preparation for Vector Concepts in Cartesian and Non-Cartesian Coordinates Used in Upper-Division Physics
Kent Ridl (2018)M.S.Alexander WagnerFree Energy Minimization and Multicomponent, Multi-Phase Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of van der Waals Fluid Mixtures
Vijay Shah (2018)M.S.Alan DentonGuiding Self-Assembly of Functionalized Nanoparticles by Computational Modeling of Effective Interactions
Wyatt Davis (2018)M.S.Alan DentonComputational Modeling of Polymer Crowding: Influence of Solvent Quality and Dimensionality on Conformations
Samuel Brown (2018)M.S.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Silicon Nanocrystals: Optical Properties and Self-assembly
Aaron Feickert (2018)Ph.D.Daniel Kroll/Stuart CrollMulti-Scale Simulation Methods of Crosslinked Polymer Networks and Degradation
Mohammad Parsa (2018)Ph.D.Alexander Wagner (MNT)Lattice Gases with Molecular Dynamics Collision Operator
Theresa Elder (2017)M.S.Andrew Croll (MNT)Bending and Force Recovery in Polymer Films and Microgel Formation
Abu Taufique (2017)M.S.Erik HobbieA Novel Macroscopic Technique to Measure the Nanomechanics of Durable Multifunctional Nanosheets
Eid Almutairi (2017)M.S.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Mechanical Properties of Multilayers of Carbon Nanotube Polystyrene Nanocomposites
Guilherme Bossa (2017)Ph.D.Sylvio MayElectrostatic Interactions at Dielectric Interfaces: From Membranes to Colloids
Matthew Semler (2016)Ph.D.Erik Hobbie Properties of reinforced carbon nanotube and laser-crystallized silicon films
Ahmed Elbaradei (2016)M.S.Erik Hobbie (MNT)The free and restricted diffusion of silicon nanocrystal clusters
Alex Waters (2016)M.S.Erik Hobbie Single-wall carbon nanotube thin films: Processing measurement and methodology
Damith Rozairo (2016)Ph.D.Andrew Croll (MNT)Properties of block copolymer interfaces
John Harris (2015)Ph.D.Erik HobbieThe nature of single-wall carbon nanotube-silicon heterojunction solar cells
Bekele Gurmessa (2015)Ph.D.Andrew CrollBuckling instabilities of nanoscale polymer films and colloidal particle layers
Joseph Miller (2014)Ph.D.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Optical properties and ensemble characteristics of size purified silicon nanocrystals (pdf)
Jared Risan (2013)M.S.Andrew B. Croll and Fardad Azarmi (M.Eng.)Method for compliance controlled adhesive switching and magnetically controlled switchable adhesives (pdf)
Stephan Loew (2013)Ph.D.Sylvio MayThermodynamic and kinetic modeling of mixed lipid membranes and their interaction with macromolecules (pdf)
Austin Van Sickle (2012)M.S.Erik Hobbie (MNT)Temperature dependent optical properties of silicon quantum dot/polymer nanocomposites (pdf)
Goetz Kaehler (2012) Ph.D.Alexander WagnerFluctuations in the lattice Boltzmann method ( pdf)
Deyan Mihaylov (2012) M.S.Val MarinovHot electron effect in ultrathin photovoltaic devices ( pdf)
Eric Foard (2012)Ph.D.Alexander WagnerA numerical and analytical analysis of the physics of phase-separation fronts ( pdf)

2000 - 2010

StudentDegreeAdviser Thesis Title
Marissa Detschel (2009)M.S.Ken Lepper--
Qun Li (2006)M.S.Alexander Wagner

Theory of the Lattice Boltzmann Method for Multi-Phase and Multicomponent Fluids (pdf)

Feng Hong (2004)Ph.D.Orven SwensonPhotoemission Applied to Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Detection of Explosives at Ambient Pressure ( pdf)
Bin Lu (2002)M.S.Tree-Level Scattering of Massive Fermions by a Massless Antisymmetric Tensor Field (pdf)
Terry Glenn Pilling (2002)Ph.D.Patrick F. KellyGauge Gravity, Strings, and Antisymmetric Tensors ( pdf)
Benjamin Alan Meier (2000)M.S.Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometry


StudentDegreeThesis Title
Feng Hong (1999)M.S.Modeling of Ion Drift in an Applied Electric Field in Ambient Pressure Air for Laser Ionization Detection Applications
Alfred Meidinger (1999)Ph.D.Magnetometry Based on EIT
Charro Lee Gruver (1998)M.S.Gravitation with Torsion Including a Scalar Field
Paul Alan Seifert (1998)M.S.Bounds on the Mass of the Kuiper Belt
Huaan Zhang (1996)M.S.Dipole-Dipole Interaction in Refractive Index Enhancement Without Absorption
Jinsong Lin (1996)M.S.Electro-Optic Beam Steering
Russell LeRoy Meyer (1995)M.S.Stimulated Raman Scattering in Hydrogen for 532 nm Radiation
Xinghai Jiang (1995)Ph.D.The Charge-Density Wave in Chromium Alloys
Dan Chen (1994)M.S.Computer Simulations of Heterophase Interfaces
Fen Chen (1994)M.S.Substrate Vibrational Signals Produced by the Gray Sunflower Seed Weevil
Jing Sun (1993)M.S.Multibody Interactions in the Embedded Atom Method: Applications to Surface Reconstruction
Kevin Grant Moter (1992)M.S.Correlation of Fluctuations in the Blume-Capel Model
Abdalla Hasan Hazaimeh (1992)Ph.D.Bardeen-Cooper-Schreiffer Universal Constants Generalized
Qinghui Wang (1992)M.S.Radiation
Kenneth L. Murphy (1992)Ph.D.Relaxed Structures of Small-Angle Grain Boundaries
Md. Shah Alam (1992)Ph.D.Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics of Organic Insulating Filnms on Semiconductors
Xinghai Jiang (1991)M.S..Bioacoustics of Sunflower Seed Weevils
Zhizhong Hu (1990)M.S.Ground-State Energy of Liquid Helium-Three in Quantum Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory
Kenneth L. Murphy (1990)M.S.Phase Transitions at Ising-Model Interfaces
Joonbum Park (1990)M.S.Spherical Volume of Uniform Concentration into an Infinite Medium


StudentDegreeThesis Title
Gong Liu (1989)M.S.The Dilaton Mechanism in the Kinetic Theory of Polymer Fracture
Husain Hassan Mosawi (1989)M.S.Ray Tracing Analysis of Nonimaging Concentrator Performance
Jia-Ruey Duann (1989)Ph.D.Effect of Thin Si Films on Field Emission from Mo and Ta Cathodes
Christina M. Keller (1988)Ph.D.Ground State Energy of Boson Matter: A New Microscopic Approach
Ikbal A. Zahroon (1988)Ph.D.Conversion of Hb(CO)1 to a Quickly Reacting, Low Quantum Efficiency Form: Implications for Models Describing Ligand-Linked Conformational Change in Hemoglobin
Chwen-Shell Ho (1988)Ph.D.Microscopic Theory of Electron-Spin-Polarized Quantum Substances
Shangzhi Ren (1988)M.S.Ground State Energy of Nuclear Matter in Quantum Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory
Ping He (1988)M.S.Prebreakdown Characteristics of Thin Film Coated Molybdenum Electrodes
Mohamed Al-Naghy (1987)M.S.Critical Exponent for Glassy Packing of Rigid Disks
Chwen-Shell Ho (1986)M.S.An Application of Density Functional Theory to the Crystal Field Approximation for Substitutional Defects in Ionic Crystals
Charles Edward Ramsett (1986)M.S.The Self-Interaction-Correction Local-Spin-Density Method with A Central-Field Correction
Ikbal A. Zahroon (1986)M.S.Stopped-Flow/Laser Photolysis Study of Singly Liganded Carboxyhemoglobin
Jia-Ruey Duann (1986)M.S.Effect of Electrode Surface Finish on High Voltage Breakdown in Vacuum
Christina M. Keller (1986)M.S.Ground State Energy for Liquid 4He Using a Simple Model for the Inter-Particle Potential
Mohammad Abdul Khaleque (1985)Ph.D.Study of Deoxyhemoglobin by Laser Photolysis
Salah Sedky Sedarous (1985)Ph.D.Electronic Structures of Chloroplast
Tung-Yen Lin (1984)M.S.Prebreakdown and Breakdown Phenomena Between Molybdenum Electrodes in the Presence of Thermionic Cathodes
Ramesh Chandra Lohia (1982)M.S.Superconductivity and Structural Studies of Chevrel Phase ErFexMo6Se8
Hernán Roberto Costabal (1981)M.S.PDC and PAL Studies of Anesthetics in Model Membranes
Randall Philip Johnson (1980)M.S.A Study of Electrical Breakdown Between Plane-Parallel Molybdenum Electrodes in High Vacuum
Michael Ray Swann (1980)M.S.Aircraft Lightning Strikes; A Case Study
Gary Dean Withnell (1980)Ph.D.Gamma-Gamma Directional Correlation Study of Model Membranes
John Gregory Daly (1980)Ph.D.Laser Spectroscopy: Rare Earth Crystals and Crystals in Solution


StudentDegreeThesis Title
Yee-Gee Ku (1978)M.S.Electrical Conduction and Breakdown in Ultrahigh Vacuum
Keith Paul Barnes (1978)M.S.Ultraviolet Surface Reflection Coefficient of Titanium Dioxide Pigmented Paint Coatings
Edward Duane Larson (1977)M.S.Proposed Experimental Determination of Two Photon Absorption Probabilities in Rare Earth Ion Systems
John Gregory Daly (1977)M.S.Radiation Blistering of He+ Implanted TZM
Yen Hsu (1977)M.S.Positron Lifetimes Study in Ribonuclease
Craig Randall Fahlstrom (1977)M.S.Surface Deformation of Molybdenum Due to Helium Ion Irradiation
Gary Dean Withnell (1976)M.S.Gamma-Gamma Directional Correlation Study of Rutile (TiO2)
Matthew Anthony Klee (1974)M.S.A Correlation Study of Molecular Fields in Glycerol
Wei-Kom Chu (1973)M.S.g-Factor of the 1.095 meV Level of 168Er
LeRoy Leonard Richer (1973)Ph.D.Gamma-Ray Directional Correlation Study of Bovine Carbonic Anydrase
Byung-taik Kim (1973)M.S.Gamma-Gamma Correlation Study of 168Er
William Paull O'Connor (1973)M.S.Harmonic Analysis of the Atmospheric Electric Potential Gradient at Fargo, August 1972-March 1973
George Chao Chi Hsu (1973)M.S.Quantum Theory of Adhesion of Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules
Chandra Prakash Sharma (1972)M.S.Sorption Studies on Poly-L-Glutamic Acid in Solid State
Prafullchandra Doshi (1972)M.S.Low Temperature Structure of Lead Titanate
Orven Frederick Swenson (1971)M.S.A Field Emission Study of Silicon on Tungsten
Jagdish Chandra Gupta (1971)M.S.Directional Correlation STudies of Anomalous Water


StudentsDegreeThesis Title
Yeu Tsang Nee (1969)Ph.D.The Intermolecular Potential and Thermal Elastic Scattering
Dale Francis Anders (1968)M.S.Cyclic Phenol-Formaldehyde Condensates
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