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We have developed a graphics library and Graphical User Interface for scientific applications written in C and utilizing the X-windows interface. It is usefull for anyone wanting to steer simulations written in C on Unix (or Linux) computers. Please read the more detailed description of the library at or download the same information as a pdf file.


We make this software available as free software under the GNU public license. To install the library in your home directory download graph.tar.gz and execute
tar xzvf graph.tar.gz
cd c/newgraph
make install
You can find a documentation here. (This library has last been updated June 4, 2009).

Useful Information

The following are useful programs which use my graphics library. You are welcome to download them:

MakefileA small general makefile that will compile a program that needs the graphics library. If your program is called you can generate the executable by calling .
Contour.c A program that takes data-files as input and diplays density fields and contour plots of the data. The resulting graphics can be printed into an encapsulates PostScript file.
Also requires ReadData.h, ReadData.c.
Contour_mpg.c A program that makes a movie out of a set of data-files. Needs the mjpegtools package installed on your computer.
Also requires ReadData.h, ReadData.c.


4 June 2009:

New version (number 0.9.4), includes DefineGraphNxN_Rp for variable size two dimensional fields.


21 October 2005:

New version (number 0.9.4). Will now compile on cygwin. (Previously there was a namespace problem).

11 February 2005:

    New version (number 0.9.3). Also added the section on useful programs.

22 October 2003:

    New version (number 0.9.2). Small changes. DefineGraphNxR() and related routines now take a NULL pointer as last argument when the request feature is not required.

18 September 2003:

    New version (number 0.9.1) allows the user to set color ramps with DefineColorRamp() and implements user defined comments through the function SetComment(); For details check the examples in myprog.c.

19 August 2003:

    New version (number 0.9) will update variables even if they are changed by the program and not the GUI. Several bugs fixed.

Feature Requests & Known Bugs

Better control over the comments which appear when the "comment on" feature is used. (done 0.9.1).


These program all appear to require Linux. Can I run them on my Windows computer?
Yes! But you need some additional free software available at In particular you need to install the Xserver and the development packages.

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