Accelerated Master of Science in Physics Program

The Department of Physics offers the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in five years.  By integrating advanced coursework with closely supervised research, the Accelerated Master of Science in Physics program widens opportunities for students by providing superior preparation for Ph.D. studies or industry employment.  For students applying to Ph.D. programs beyond NDSU, the additional year of preparation will facilitate journal publications and a competitive score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a requirement of most graduate programs.  For industry-oriented students, the enhanced academic and research experience will broaden career opportunities.

Those eligible to apply to the program are Physics majors who have completed 60 credits (at least 30 earned at NDSU) and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Students in the program typically take upper-level dual-listed (400/600) courses at the graduate (600) level, 15 credits of which may count toward both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  Acceptance, which is conditional on completion of the Bachelor’s degree, is based on performance in the introductory Physics courses and interest in research and teaching.  Qualified students commence research by the start of their senior year and complete at least 30 graduate credits, including 7 graduate-level Physics courses and the Master's Thesis. 

Graduate tuition will be assessed for graduate credits approved for double-counting toward requirements for both undergraduate and graduate programs of study.  Double-counted graduate credits count toward totals for finanacial aid, but are not covered under the tuition cap.  Mandatory student fees, however, are capped at 12 credits, regardless of program.  If funding permits, sutdents may be supported as teaching or research assistants in their final year, thereby qualifying for a tuition waiver.

For further information, students should consult their academic advisor, submit a Combined/Accelerated Degree Program Declaration Form, and review the program guidelines:

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