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Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of the North Dakota Partners in Nursing (PIN) Gerontology Nursing Consortium Project is to enhance the quality of care of older adults by improving access to a well-prepared and available gerontology nursing workforce necessary to meet their needs.

Goal 1: Nursing students, faculty, and the current gerontology nursing workforce will have access to the best possible gerontology nursing education.

         Objective 1.a. Identify resources for nursing students and faculty at North Dakota Schools of Nursing and for currently practicing nurses in the state.

         Objective 1.b. Provide student nurses with opportunities to learn about the role of the gerontology nurse and the care of the elderly client.

        Objective 1.c.  Address issues related to gerontology and nursing in the academic settings and make recommendations on the best approaches for strengthening gerontology nursing education.

Goal 2. Younger people and those seeking second careers will have a positive image of gerontology nursing and will understand the opportunities in education, clinical practice, leadership, research, and careers in gerontology nursing.

       Objective 2.a.  Develop or obtain YouTube videos and other social media, professional brochures, newsletters, and media messages that promote the positive aspects of gerontology nursing.

      Objective 2.b.  Partner in the development and dissemination of easily understood information for high school students, college students, and those interested in second careers, on educational options and requirements, scholarship and financial aid available, and career opportunities in gerontology nursing. 

Goal 3: High school students, especially rural and diverse high school students, will be motivated and prepared to pursue a career in nursing and be interested in caring for older adults. 

      Objective 3.a.  Develop and implement a nurse camp program for rural high school students that explores nursing through active learning experiences and promotes the positive aspects of caring for older adults. 

      Objective 3.b.  Develop and disseminate educational resources for high school counselors, health career teachers, and math and science teachers that will help them understand the state‚Äôs gerontology nursing workforce needs and the educational requirements of students preparing for careers in nursing. 

     Objective 3.c.  Promote the Adopt-A-Grandparent program to foster relationships between young people and older adults.

Goal 4: The North Dakota Partners in Nursing Gerontology Consortium and its activities will be sustained beyond the grant timeframe.

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